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Crimes Against Humanity EXPOSED, Vaxxed Military Pilot Crashes, And Canadians March On Trudeau

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Tuesday, June 13th, The Stew Peters Show brings you a new show that will have you ready to fight the Globalist Agenda like never before!

Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer who has collected enough evidence to prosecute multiple nations for using COVID as a crime against humanity.

James Topp is determined to march across all of CANADA for the right to freedom! He joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss his journey and more!

A US Marine joins to tell The Stew Peters Show that the COVID vaccines could have responsibility for sudden Naval plane crashed.

Maria Zeee [2] brings breaking news from Australia, where citizens are now being forced to take annual COVID clot shots & expose themselves to pedophile drag shows.

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God Saved Us From Israel: Exclusive Interview With USS Liberty Chaplain Ron Kukal & Stew Peters [4]