Over the last few weeks, Americans have watched as the Democrats and Biden administration hijacked the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas and used it to promote more gun control in the country and even a ban on certain assault rifles. While the Democrats push their narrative that guns are to blame and the Second Amendment is not absolute, Republicans have been working to pass legislation aimed at protecting people from future shootings.

Recently, a House Judiciary Committee debated passing the Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022, which would send a notification to cell phones when an active shooting was taking place in their area. While just one idea being discussed, Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin used his time to criticize the GOP for politicizing the events, leading Republicans on the committee to burst out laughing. 

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Being a member on the January 6th committee, Representative Raskin, in the video below, admitted that his committee never used the Capitol Hill riot to politicize their agenda. “It doesn’t have to be like this because I actually serve on a bipartisan committee that gets things done. And that is not obsessed with partisan polemics and invective and denunciation and combat. And sees every piece of legislation is an opportunity to just club the other side. And that is the January 6th select committee.”  

Not able to hold back their laughter, Raskin was interrupted as the Republicans had a good chuckle at his claims. Still the Democrat continued, “Well, I appreciate the laughter of my colleagues because some people have accused us of being partisan because all of our witnesses are Republicans. You might not have noticed that, but then you might not be allowed to watch the hearings and you can see attorney general Barr there, you can see Mr. Stepien, who’s Donald Trump’s campaign manager and so on.”

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Taking offense to the laughter, the Representative eventually fired back at his colleagues, saying, “But the truth of the matter is that this committee is a bipartisan committee. You perhaps would laugh at your Republican colleagues. I wouldn’t laugh at Liz Cheney who was elected as the chair of the House Republican conference and was the number three member of the conference. I wouldn’t laugh at Adam Kinzinger who’s a member of the national guard reserve and a distinguished member of the House of Representatives, but in any event, you’re entitled to your laughter.” 

Stumped by the claims that the January 6th committee was bipartisan, users online suggested, “Either A) Raskin is just lying about the J6 committee being non-partisan, or B) he actually believes what he’s saying. Based on the Democrats’ and the political class’s history of actions; of claiming one thing while the reality is quite the opposite (Russia Hoax, Ukraine quid-pro-quo call without a quid or quo, Russian bounties on US soldiers, and all the lies about Trump and others), I believe Raskin is just trying to gaslight the public with his lies.”

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