As most of America knows by now, thanks to the millions of views the video has gotten, Joe Biden was enjoying a nice leisurely bike ride near his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware when he took a nasty fall while trying to dismount his bike. While the video has circulated and comments continue to stack up, most believed that President Biden was stopping to speak with supporters who had gathered to wish him a happy father’s day. But one viewer took a deeper look and noticed that Biden might not have been stopping to speak with supporters, but a child. 

While President Biden appeared more focused on explaining how his foot got caught, in the video below, the narrator explained, “Now, normally, at this part in their ride, the Bidens will peel off to the right follow the bike path there. So, and as you can see from these other photos, they’ve done that. And you can see in the video from yesterday, Jill Biden wearing that magenta jacket, she’s going off the right. But not Joe. Joe makes a slight steering correction and head straight towards someone he sees in the crowd.”

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He added, “And here’s a clip from afterwards. You can see, as Joe gets up, he starts talking to someone, bending down, talking to someone in the crowd.”

The narrator was sure to note, “So we know he’s talking to a small girl and actually photos surfaced afterwards showing the two of them together. So, I don’t know what they were discussing. That was so important that Joe had to stop. Maybe it was inflation, price of gas, situation in Ukraine, the open border, followed by the American economy, or perhaps just, he needs to know what type of shampoo she was using.

“So there it is. Joe Biden crashed yesterday because he was so excited to see a small girl in the crowd that he couldn’t remember how to get his feet out of the pedals.”

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While some might view the video as an attack on the Biden administration and nothing more, it should be noted that Biden has had a very interesting past when it comes to children. He has been known to hold them tight, smell their hair, and even make some curious comments toward them. Take a look. 

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Users online commented on Biden’s poor balance, writing, “Dementia can cause poor balance. There are many reasons that people can start to lose their balance as they get older. Often, these causes can be linked back to the brain. In some cases, disorders of the brain that have progressed quite far can cause a loss of balance. However, some early stage diseases can also cause a loss of balance.”

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