Recently, there has been a new term being used by the mainstream media and news outlets to explain why healthy adults and young people are suddenly dying without an underlying cause. It isn’t just within the general public either as athletes, who spend hours a day training, exercising, and strengthening their bodies, have also seen a rise in what is being labeled Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Victims of sudden death from these diseases fall under the [rubric] of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), which has been coined to describe sudden death without a structural cause identified by autopsy or toxicological examination. Previous studies from the UK and the US estimated that >4% of sudden cardiac deaths fall into this category. Importantly, when screened, >20% of the first‐degree relatives of SADS victims are found to have some form of inherited arrhythmogenic disease. The demographics of SADS have not been well defined and there is a need for uniform terminology and data collection to understand better the importance of these diseases and how they might be better [recognized].”

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Having an entirely different take on what might be causing the sudden deaths, Dr. Ryan Cole, as can be seen in the video above, accused the COVID-19 drug for being behind SADS. “These sudden deaths. I mean, what a joke. There was a paper that came out the other day, new syndrome, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is because people are getting a toxin in their body that’s inflaming their heart. And to that point in terms of like the drummer from the Foo Fighters, and other individuals, there was an early study with these mRNA shots that shows that over time, and this was a mouse study, but it balloons the heart. And as the heart balloons, you lose pumping volume, and once you can’t pump enough blood and you can’t get enough oxygen, and eventually you’re in heart failure, and you die. I’ve seen autopsy tissues from triathletes who dropped dead on the swim. And these are people that are at the peak of physical performance.”

Also speaking on athletes, the doctor added, “And you know, do athletes die every year occasionally in an event, you bet. But if you look around the world, a couple of athletes per month used to die on the football field or on the soccer pitch or whatever. Now we’re getting hundreds each month dying, why, is there something new in humanity? You bet there is a toxic lipid nanoparticle and a toxic modified RNA that doesn’t shut off.”

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Even pointing to other doctors, Dr. Cole stated, “Dr. Bruce Patterson, pathologist, colleague, showed that the spike was persisting in our circulating CD 16+ monocytes for up to 15 months! So, it’s insanity to keep pushing the most deadly, dangerous medical product ever allowed to persist in humanity.”

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