Not long after the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump and many of his supporters were wary of the results as Joe Biden mysteriously took a commanding lead overnight and became the most’ ballots counted’ for President in the history of America. Calling for an investigation into the results, many experts weighed in on the claims that the Dominion Software used for voting might have been tampered with. These accusations caused the mainstream media and Democrats to label anyone who questioned the results or Biden to be nothing more than a conspiracy theorist. While this narrative carried on for almost two years, both CNN and The Washington Post recently wrote articles about how the Imagecast X Ballot Marketing Devices were flawed and could be tampered with. 

Breaking down the latest bombshell to drop surrounding the 2020 election, Nick Moseder detailed the Halderman Report in the video below. He also released his own substack where he wrote, “the Imagecast X Ballot Marking Devices (used throughout Georgia thanks to Brian Kemp), has flaws that CAN be exploited. They, of course, follow this admission by declaring that “The vulnerabilities have never been exploited in an election.” But still, they’re admitting they can be hacked… CNN says their source for this information comes from a 5-page analysis from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a new report which is scheduled for release this week.”

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As for computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, who wrote the report showing some flaws in the voting systems, “These vulnerabilities, for the most part, are not ones that could be easily exploited by someone who walks in off the street, but they are things that we should worry could be exploited by sophisticated attackers, such as hostile nation-states, or by election insiders, and they would carry very serious consequences.” He added, “Attackers could then mark ballots inconsistently with voters’ intent, alter recorded votes or even identify voters’ secret ballots.”

In their own article, CNN was sure to admit that while the voting system could be flawed, “Because the subject is Dominion voting equipment, which has been the target of conspiracy theorists who falsely claim there was large-scale fraud in the 2020 election, federal and state and local officials are bracing for election deniers to try to weaponize news of the vulnerabilities ahead of midterm elections.”

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Georgia’s Secretary of State, Gabriel Sterling, released a statement, saying, “Both the CISA and Mitre reports show what reasonable people already know — if bad actors are given full and unfettered access to any system, they can manipulate that system. Like CISA, Mitre found that existing procedural safeguards observed by election offices make it extremely unlikely for any bad actor to actually exploit the vulnerabilities. Dominion says they were aware of the vulnerabilities and told CISA that its systems can be updated to address them.”

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