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Dr. Carrie Madej In ICU After Plane Crash: Outspoken Dissident Doctor Has Exposed Covid Jab Danger

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You probably recognize the name Carrie Madej. Her appearance on our show last September has collected more than three million views on Rumble, and it was included in our “best of 2021” show at the end of last year. She’s been a fearless crusader for the truth about the Pfizer and Moderna jabs and the real impact that they’re having on the people receiving them.

Well, right now Dr. Madej and her boyfriend are both in intensive care after crashing in a small single-engine plane. Now, small planes can be dangerous, but this isn’t the first time that a promoter of holistic medicine has died or nearly died in unexpected or mysterious circumstances.

Erin Elizabeth has covered many of those cases in the last half-decade during her work on TV. She’s also a friend and colleague of Dr. Madej. She joins us now.

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