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Dr. David Martin Calls For Prosecutions: Fauci Knew Remdesivir Would Kill Thousands

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We’ve seen the pattern play out over and over by now: Somebody goes to the hospital with a moderately severe case of symptoms and get diagnosed with Covid. They immediately get put onto the protocol: They get pumped full of remdesivir, their organs immediately start to fail, and then they get stuck on a ventilator and die.

This isn’t surprising, because organ failure is a known side effect of remdesivir. It’s an enormously damaging drug, which is why it was only meant for incredibly deadly viruses like Ebola. But it didn’t even work against that disease and didn’t make it all the way through its trial in Africa, after virtually everyone that got it, died. Remdesivir is literally a failed drug, repurposed for Covid to make pharma companies a boatload of money. It has never worked.

Meanwhile, all along we had the dirt-cheap alternative drug of hydroxychloroquine. Even if that drug did nothing at all and was just a placebo, it would already be better than remdesivir, because it doesn’t actively kill the people taking it. But there’s actually evidence that hydroxychloroquine did work, the NIH knew it, and they ignored it to kill people with Remdesivir anyway.

Dr. David Martin has been on this show to discuss Covid many times. He joins us once again.

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