Republican senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz seems to have drastically switched up his campaign imagery in the wake of the primary held in Pennsylvania that he secured by proverbial inches, having scrubbed essentially all Trump-themed content from his campaign website while amidst the general election.

Following an automatically-triggered recount earlier in June due to the narrow victory margin, Dr. Oz was declared the winner of the U.S. Senate Republican primary in Pennsylvania by 951 votes ahead of the runner up David McCormick.

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CNN had reported on June 8th about Dr. Oz’s primary victory, noting that “his primary bid was bolstered by an endorsement from Trump.” However, it appears that Dr. Oz is trying to distance himself from the former president, despite having heavily touted Trump’s endorsement and imagery amid the primary cycle.

Writing for Axios, columnist Andrew Solender detailed how Trump’s endorsement and overall “brand” played a role in Dr. Oz’s campaign during the primary.

Even before snagging Trump’s endorsement in April, campaign ads run by Dr. Oz likened himself to former President Trump. Following Trump’s endorsement on April 9th, Dr. Oz had mentioned Trump on his official Twitter account over 70 times up through May 17th – which was primary day in Pennsylvania.

Campaign ads that followed Trump’s endorsement would make note to mention that Dr. Oz was “endorsed by President Trump,” with the Republican senatorial candidate also spending a hefty amount on Google and Facebook ads that were “Trump-focused.”

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As for the layout of his social media profiles, Dr. Oz’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were littered with pro-Trump branding in their respective cover photos, as well as his campaign website.

But now the primary season is over, and Dr. Oz seems to have moved on from using Trump as a vehicle for his campaign. Take for example his May 27th campaign ad that has not one single mention of Trump or his endorsement.

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Looking at Dr. Oz’s campaign website currently, the Trump branding that had littered the homepage and even rendered a pop-up signaling Trump’s endorsement has been scrubbed.

Dr. Oz’s Twitter profile also no longer bears the banner featuring him and Trump side by side, with it now being replaced with a banner that reads “Thank you Pennsylvania,” with a photo only of himself. Furthermore, Dr. Oz hasn’t mentioned the word “Trump” a single since May 17th on his Twitter account.

While Dr. Oz’s Truth Social account still notes him as being “Trump endorsed” on his bio, he also hasn’t posted anything about Trump since the wrap up of the primary.

Liberal outlet Mediaite had also taken notice of what they referred to as a “shift to the middle of the political spectrum,” in Dr. Oz’s overall campaign messaging, highlighting that this distancing from the former president is “likely to cost Oz” a significant amount of votes from the Trump base during the general election.

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