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END Of The Dollar! – Fed Announces GREAT RESET Plan! – Digital World Currency Imminent! [VIDEOS]

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the coming digital world order as Jerome Powell admits that the US dollar is at risk of losing its standing as the world reserve currency. An absolutely earth-shattering revelation that we all knew was coming, but to hear the Federal Reserve chair admit such a thing is massive.

Meanwhile, Powell noted that they’re looking into CBDCs extensively at the moment. A central bank digital currency tied to a global centralized system would be the exact plan of the Great Reset agenda. This would lead to a global enslavement system tied to social credit, carbon credits, and more.

In this video, Tim Picciott breaks down what this means for the global economy and why it’s time to get out of the collapsing system.

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