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EXCLUSIVE: J5 Letter To Pence Proves Treason, Vaxx Cmte Lied To Get Approval, Nurse Kidnapped

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The FDA has data showing the vaccine doesn’t work and is deadly, but they refused to end the mandates. They are allowing 6 month old children to be vaccinated, its pure EVIL.

Evangelist Stan Lovins has new footage from Jan 6 of white vans being escorted by police and unloading antifa.

The Feds have ruined Karen Federighi life, they stole her property and froze her inheritance then forced her into assisted living against her will.

This week on Ask Dr. Jane [2], she answers your questions about the anti-human shots, and shows video of HUGE blood clots being removed from the vaxxed.

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The 1776 Movement Rises: Truckers Band Together To Take A Stand For U.S. Constitution And Liberty! [4]