“Josh Sigurdson reports on the riots by farmers in the Netherlands as the government shuts down their ability to farm and provide the supply chain with sustainability under the guise of “sustainability.”

In the Netherlands, Bilderberg Prime Minister Rutte who loves technocracy, and his Nitrogen and Nature Minister have pushed forward insane agendas that aim to eliminate a third of all farms in the country, or 50,000 farms to be exact. The Netherlands is the 2nd largest exporter of agriculture in the world.

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Not only is this insane, but it is perfectly scripted to bring in a global great reset social credit and carbon credit system. In fact, the Netherlands is one of the world leaders in Smart Cities and the WEF has been leading the way.

Prepare now!” – World Alternative Media

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Learn how to protect your life savings from inflation and an irresponsible government, with Gold and Silver. 

Learn How To Protect Your Life Savings From Inflation and An Irresponsible Government, With Gold and Silver