While the Biden administration moves forward with fighting the COVID-19 jab and now promoting it to children as young as six months old, Republicans like U.S. Senator Roger Marshall have remained fixated on the COVID-19 agenda, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gain of function research, and the grants given to China.

Recently, Senator Marshall had the chance to speak directly to Dr. Fauci. It should be noted that the doctor wasn’t able to be there in person given the fact that he tested positive for COVID-19 after getting the drug and boosters. Still, shocking the Senator, Dr. Fauci admitted that the gain of function funding in China might continue. 

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In the video, which is featured below, Senator Marshall, a doctor himself, asked, “The NIH is still funding research in China, at least some $8 million since 2020. In the intelligence community’s 2022 annual threat assessment, the Chinese Communist Party is presented as one of the top threats to the United States, along with Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea. To my knowledge, only China is receiving U.S. research dollars.

“The CCP controls their scientists and controls the release of research results they work on. However, NIH grants policies require grantees to maintain supporting research records, which they cannot do when those records are under control of the Chinese Communist Party. When will you as director of NIAID stop funding research in China?”

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Expressing no concern to stop the funding, Dr. Fauci suggested, “We at the NIH and other agencies in the federal government had very productive, peer reviewed highly regarded research projects with our Chinese colleagues that have led to some major advances in biomedical research. So I don’t think I’d be able to tell you that we are going to stop funding the Chinese. We obviously need to be careful and make sure that when we do fund them, we have the proper peer review. And we go through all the established guidelines. I might point out that grants that go to foreign countries, including China, have State Department clearance. So anytime that we do fund anything in China or any other country, it has to go through a clearance with the State Department.”

Even when the Republican pressed the doctor about not having all the research, but tailored data from the CPP, Fauci stated, “We have access to an extraordinary amount of information. There is a question that people raised with things gone on there that we didn’t have access to. But if you look at the grant, the $120,000 to $130,000 a year grant that was given from EcoHealth as a sub award in China to ask a very relevant, high priority question. We have received from them published literature with data that shows that they have done what they were given the grant for. Now, obviously, none of us know everything that’s going on in China. But if the question at hand is the rather small grant, the peer reviewed high priority grant, that was given from EcoHealth to China in a sub award, we have a lot of good information.”

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