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Financial Warfare: People Are Not Dying From A Virus; They’re Dying From Tyranny [VIDEO]

From the moment the COVID-19 miracle drug was announced, numerous doctors and experts like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone criticized pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna for rushing trials and even presenting a shot that had little effect on the coronavirus. Now that the COVID-19 hysteria is dying down, not only has the drug had little success when fighting the virus, but according to Catharine Austin Fitts, the COVID-19 pandemic was just the start of what she claimed to be the “direct reset.”

As mentioned above, some doctors have been viciously outspoken when it came to the COVID-19 agenda, linking it to numerous deaths and harmful side effects. Still, Fitts suggested that people aren’t dying from “magic viruses” but tyranny. Take a look. 

In the video above, Fitts, who served as the United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under former President George H. W. Bush, admitted, “When the central bankers of the G7 nations went into the room in Jackson Hole in August 2019, and they voted on the going direct reset, everything that’s happening to us right now is part of the going direct reset, and they voted on it. It was a plan. Okay, so they wrote a plan, they decided to do this. So they’ve been engaged in the financial coup for 20 years. We’re now coming into the end game. They have to consolidate the financial coup, and they vote on the going direct reset, and without one decision, they made a decision over the next year to put 500 million people out of work.”

Fitts continued, “That’s the equivalent of dropping several nuclear bombs around the world. That’s financial warfare. And they made it intentionally. They made it knowingly, and it was a plan. And what is very important to understand when you think about this pandemic is people are not dying from magic viruses – people are dying from tyranny. They’re dying from a great poisoning that’s part of that tyranny. But our problem and the thing we need to be afraid of is tyranny because the tyranny is about to get much, much worse. And it’s the passports and that system of central bank digital control that will give them the ability to do that.”

Like many before her, Fitts has been the subject to censorship due to her stance against the COVID-19 narrative. Back in February, after a video called “Planet Lockdown” was viewed over 20 million times, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and several others decided to block the video from being played, blaming it for spreading disinformation surrounding COVID-19. The film also saw its GoFundMe page taken down due to its COVID-19 stance and the information being presented. 

The full video can be watched below.

Planet Lockdown: Technocracy and the Great Reset Agenda – Catherine Austin Fitts [VIDEO] [1]