While Americans struggle to make ends meet with soaring gas prices, record-high inflation, and a baby formula shortage, the Democrats have decided to use this crucial time to push ahead with their narrative surrounding the Capitol Hill riot. Although it was almost two years ago, the Democrats have continuously compared the day to 9/11. Not only that, the January 6th committee is set to begin hearings this week with key Trump administration officials. But while the Democrats hoped to solidify their claims that the riot was a direct attempt to overthrow the government, raw footage of that day revealed the Capitol police brutally beating protesters and even the body of Roseanne Boyland. 

Showcasing the footage that news outlets like CNN and MSNBC have somewhat forgotten about, The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova explained in the video below, “The truth about Rosanne Boyland, if people knew her story, would change everything about what people thought they knew about January 6. Most of the violent footage that people have seen with actual protesters being violent or combative with police was around the West Capitol entrance where Roseanne Boylan was killed.”

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One of the protesters there that day, Jake Lang, detailed what it was like being targeted by the police and how Boyland died in his arms. “What you’re currently witnessing is Capitol police officers disobeying their oath to defend the Constitution and to protect human life. We have a scene right now unfolding on the west terrace tunnel entrance that people died in. It was an absolutely horrific, grotesque scene of police brutality unrivaled in American history. We have thousands of people who witnessed Rosanne Boyland’s death, a 34-year-old woman from Georgia. She died at the hands of Capitol police. They pummeled her over onto the ground. They caused a stampede in which she got run over and pepper-sprayed her while she was down. They put tear gas in the atmosphere. She couldn’t breathe, but she ended up dying in my arms.”

Lang also admitted how he tried to help save people like Philip Anderson. “He’s a young black man from Texas, who’s a brave patriot, who has come forward recently and signed a court sworn affidavit saying that if it wasn’t for me – he would be dead that day by the hands of the Capitol Police.

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This is just another story of the countless stories that are horrific. There was a concerted effort by the Capitol Police that day to absolutely punish the American people and hurt them and not to defend human life and not to usher them into the building and take selfies like we’ve seen in some different parts on the west terrace tunnel entrance. They were there to hurt people.”

Still, with eyewitnesses describing that day, the Democrats are adamant that it was orchestrated by MAGA members and fueled by white supremacy. 

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