WASHINGTON, DC – A seemingly two-tiered justice system continues to be exposed when it relates to crimes committed at the Capitol, as a Democrat congressman’s staffer was caught earlier in 2022 vandalizing posters outside of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office, and the Justice Department is reportedly refusing to prosecute the alleged vandal.

Situated outside of Rep. Greene’s office is a poster that reads “There are Only Two Genders: Male and Female Trust the Science,” which apparently peeved Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss’s chief of staff, 51-year-old Timothy Hysom.

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Hysom has a long history working alongside Democrats, having previously worked as a staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff before graduating to being a top aide for Rep. Auchincloss.

According to an affidavit filed this past March recommending that Hysom be charged with defacing public or private property, the longtime Democrat staffer had vandalized Rep. Greene’s poster on seven occasions between January and March.

In each instance, Hysom would place a large sticker – approximately 8.5” x 11” – on the poster situated outside of Rep. Greene’s office situated in the Longworth House Office Building, with the stickers bearing messages that implied Rep. Greene was ungodly or not among the “true disciples of Christ.”

Hysom went undetected for the months of January and February during his defacing exploits, but was eventually caught on camera on March 10th after a camera was installed in the hallway.

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Capitol Police located Hysom “approximately 6:10 PM,” on March 11th following an issuance of a BOLO. Ironically, when Capitol Police were interviewing him about the incidents, he’d apparently engaged in another defacing incident mere minutes earlier before being stopped.

Hysom reportedly refused to “come in for a non-custodial interview” to discuss the various acts of vandalism “and retained counsel,” according to Capitol Police. Per the affidavit, Hysom’s actions resulted in $350 worth of damage to Rep. Greene’s private property, which Capitol Police noted in their report “that the defendant, Timothy Duane Hysom…did violate DC Code § 22–3312.01 Defacing Public or Private Property.”

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In terms of evidence collected, the case in question would likely be coined as a “slam dunk” by some – in that there’s video evidence of at least two of the acts of vandalism, with the two acts caught on camera matching the previous five reported acts of vandalism.

Yet, the Justice Department is declining to prosecute the matter.

While Rep. Auchincloss nor Hysom have publicly commented on the vandalism, Rep. Auchincloss’s spokesperson Matt Corridoni did issue a statement not only admitting that Hysom defaced Rep. Greene’s property – but also excusing the behavior because Rep. Greene’s signs were “bullying” in his opinion.

“While Members of Congress have great latitude in what they do on the inside of their office, they do not own the exterior walls of their office. Regulations published by the House Buildings Commission prohibit ‘posters’ from being posted in the hallways outside of Members’ House offices in the House Office Buildings.  Adhering a sticker – to a poster that shouldn’t be there in the first place – is hardly a federal crime.

What Tim [Hysom] did was to adhere a series of stickers to foul, mean spirited, bullying posters outside the Congresswoman’s office. These stickers were never threatening and always respectful.”

Corridoni continued condoning the criminal actions of Hysom in his statement based upon the notion that a poster reading “There are Only Two Genders: Male and Female Trust the Science,” is an act of bullying and a means to “intimidate” other members of Congress.

“It is certainly not part of a ‘Members’ Representational Duties’ to print signs – at taxpayers’ expense – whose sole purpose is to bully and intimidate the Member across the hall from you. While the Capitol Police were obligated to pass along Rep. Greene’s accusation of ‘destruction of public property’ to the U.S. Attorney’s office, they have set aside the charges and have declined to prosecute such a ridiculous accusation.”

Apparently, at least in Corridoni’s view, Democrat staffers are allowed to break the law and destroy or deface other people’s property if the property is offensive to them or others.

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