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Four FBI Whistleblowers Reveal The Bureau Is Purging Conservatives For Disagreeing With J6 Narrative [VIDEO]

The January 6th committee hearings are set to begin this Thursday, with key Trump administration officials scheduled to give testimony. Although it has been well over a year since the riot took place, thanks to the efforts of Democrats and RINOs like Liz Cheney, the committee has continued to press the issue, suggesting the protests were a direct attack on democracy.

While the hearings will be broadcasted for America to watch, Fox News announced they would not be televising it. Causing a wave of backlash for liberals, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham admitted that the witch hunt surrounding the Capitol Hill protest had already started within the FBI. 

Welcoming Republican Congressman Jim Jordan to her show, Ingraham, as can be seen in the video below, noted, “whistleblowers have told Congressman Jim Jordan that the agency is in full-blown retaliation mode, referring to what’s going on as a purge of agency employees who hold conservative views. One employee reportedly had his security clearance taken away. And then he was indefinitely suspended from his duty and got his pay taken away for disagreeing with their January 6 narrative.”

Giving the Congressman a chance to detail what is happening, Jordan admitted, “A decorated Iraq war veteran being run out of the FBI. His allegiance to the country is being questioned because he had the gall to say something that offended the FBI leadership about the January 6 investigation. The other one is also having the same thing happened to them simply because on an anonymous questionnaire. They said something that the leadership disagreed with him about January 6. And I would point out, Laura, that we now have had six agents come forward as whistleblowers. Two on the school boards issue. And four now, regarding January 6. That is a concern to us. But we’ve had literally a half dozen FBI agents come to our committee.”

Having no other way to put it, the Republican explained that the government as a whole was being weaponized for political purposes. “This weaponization of the government against your political foes is exactly what’s going on. So much. So we had the disinformation governance board, and but for your efforts and others pointing this out, that still might be an operation. That is how the left is operating in the context here with the FBI. Remember a few years ago? They spied on President Trump. The actions they took against parents regarding the school board situation. And then two whistleblowers last month had come forward, who attended the January 6th rally on their own time with their spouse, didn’t go in the Capitol, haven’t been charged, but they’ve had their security clearance taken from them too, which is always the first step in termination. Again, one of those individuals was also a veteran of our armed forces.”