When it comes to the Republican party, although still just a candidate for Arizona Governor, Kari Lake has used her time campaigning to become an outspoken voice of many of the problems facing America due to the Biden administration and Democrats. Once working for the mainstream media, Lake had a front-row seat to the many issues the Biden administration struggled with. One of those was the Southern border crisis the White House has seemed to forget about. While becoming a household name within the GOP, Lake recently went on Fox News and not only discussed the border crisis but was sure to point out the narrative and agenda of the network after she was accused of taking her child to a drag queen show. 

First published by the Arizona Republic, the outlet claimed, “Rick Stevens is one of the Valley’s best-known drag artists, performing for the last 25 years as Barbra Seville at theaters, bars and parties around town — and, he says, at parties held at Kari Lake’s home. One of those parties, he says, was attended by Lake’s then-elementary school-aged daughter.” The story quickly spread over the internet, with Fox News getting ahold of it. 

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As can be seen in the video above, when confronted with the accusations, Lake answered, “I am really shocked. I am actually appalled that FOX News would take a defamatory story like that, and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen. I am appalled you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election. You failed to talk about that… I am really disappointed in FOX. I thought you were better than CNN.”

On top of Lake destroying Fox News for spreading lies, her campaign released the following statement. “Richard’s accusations were full of lies. The event in question was a party at someone else’s house, and the performer was there as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. It wasn’t a drag show, and the issue we’re talking about isn’t adults attending drag shows, either. The issue is activists sexualizing young children, and that’s got to stop.”

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Instead of using her time to discuss false claims, the hopeful GOP was sure to address the country’s real issues. “We’ve got a couple of important issues. We have a wide-open border. We have fentanyl pouring in. We have the cartels with operational control. But that wouldn’t be happening if we would have fair, honest elections. And we had a fraudulent election, a corrupt election. And we have an illegitimate President sitting in the White House. And because of that, our border is wide open. Five and a half tons of fentanyl was confiscated last year – enough to kill over 2 billion people. So weapons of mass destruction. And that’s why we’re going to secure that border starting on day one. After I take my hand off the Bible. We are going to issue a declaration of invasion. We’re going to finish President Trump’s wall. And we’re going to send our Army National Guard to the border and stop people from coming across. You know, you’ve been down there so many times, and people just pour in, and they’ve got a smile on their face. Because with Joe Biden, they feel they’re going to stay here forever. And when I’m Governor, they’re going back.”

Lake’s take on Fox News also drew support from former President Donald Trump.

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