While President Joe Biden continues to be criticized for calling for a gas tax holiday that would only save Americans around $12 a month, in Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker did the exact same thing when he asked state lawmakers to freeze the gas tax until the end of the year. It should be noted that the tax break would extend through the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, and Governor Pritzker is a Democrat.

With gas prices in Illinois being some of the highest in the nation, it appears that the gas tax break was more about the Democrats than really saving Americans money. 

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Tucked away in the details about the gas tax holiday was a requirement that all gas stations place stickers on gas pumps, informing the customer of the tax break. Being required starting the first of July, the stickers read, “Illinois has suspended the inflation adjustment to the motor fuel tax through December 31, 2022. The price on this pump should reflect the suspension of the tax increase.” Although appearing to be an incentive to help struggling families, in the video below, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson detailed how the entire plan, which comes with a $500 a day fine for not complying, was nothing more than an attempt to keep the state in Democratic control. 

Some might believe Carlson is just bashing the Democrats, as he is known for doing, but Josh Sharp, the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association CEO, shared the host’s views. “This isn’t something about safety at the pumps. It’s not about octane ratings. It’s about a tax. Politicians are free to put out those messages all they want through a press release and paid political advertising, but you cannot force businesses under the threat of criminal action to post your message for you. (Owners) could face fines of thousands of dollars per day or even tens of thousands per day at a big location.” Sharp was sure to add that Pritzker didn’t require a sticker when he hiked the gas tax from 19 cents to 38 cents a gallon in 2019.

Although President Biden called for the tax break recently, Governor Pritzker has been promoting his gas tax holiday since February. “This year, we are holding the line and offering a reprieve from rising prices for Illinois families. It will bring immediate relief to everyone at the gas pump.” Still, the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association, representing over 5,000 gas stations, has now moved to sue the Democrat governor over the sticker. 

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With a lawsuit looming, Carlson detailed how the association has made stickers of their own. “So the gas station owners association has made stickers pointing out that Pritzker is totally incompetent. They are planning to put them in every pump in the state. One of them reads, ‘Illinois politicians have more than doubled the gas tax and 2019. This year, lawmakers decided to delay their gas tax hike until after the election, and they’re forcing us to tell you about it, or they’re giving it away.’ Another sticker reads this way. ‘Illinois now has the second-highest gas taxes in the nation.’ So it turns out J.B. Pritzker, who bought his governorship, should probably just get back on his plane and fly somewhere else and stop punishing working-class people.”

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