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Georgia’s Primaries Were Rigged! – Dominion Voting Systems Vulnerabilities Exposed [VIDEO]

In Nick Moseder’s latest installment regarding the funny business that transpired around Georgia’s primaries across DeKalb, Cobb, and Fulton counties, he addresses the “fact checks” that have come out against his past two videos that exposed all the mishaps and caveats that occurred during the May primaries – with Dominion voting machines being the center at all of these issues.

“There’s been full-blown fact checks written about the videos. And the election officials out there are in total damage control mode right now trying to give explanations as to what happened. But none of the explanations they’re giving make any sense. At best, if they’re telling the truth, they’re exposing themselves for how incompetent they are and how vulnerable our election systems are. And at worst, they are just outright lying.”

Moseder first addressed the pushback against his second video in the series [1] where he covered issues that plagued Cobb County and Fulton County in their primaries back in May.

On June 3rd, Moseder explained the Cobb County Board of Elections voted to recertify the result of their May 24th primary, with reports alleging that this decision was reached because “a memory card containing 2,203 ballots had not been uploaded before the board-certified results.”

However, Moseder easily pointed out that this is a lie right out of the gate, as his second video in the series noted that there were seven memory cards out of the 11 precincts (with each precinct having two memory cards, making a total of 22 memory cards needing to be uploaded) that weren’t uploaded. Furthermore, Moseder added that his original video bore “the clips” that showed election officials talking about these seven memory cards that weren’t initially uploaded to tally the ballots.

“You’re saying that the person running the election management system got two memory cards for each precinct, and they just felt that you know, it was a copy and they only needed to upload one per precinct? Well, you have 11 precincts and if that’s the case, then 11 memory cards should be missing. But that’s not what happened.

“We have seven memory cards missing, which means that some of the precincts they uploaded both memory cards, and then seven of them they only uploaded one memory card. So, that doesn’t make any sense. So, with this explanation, there’s only one of two possibilities: Either one, you are absolutely lying through your teeth; or two, you are proving to us all exactly how incompetent you are.”

Moving on to the reactions to his prior coverage over Fulton County’s primary, Moseder again reiterated in this latest installment that the excuse furnished by Fulton County officials over why there needed to be a recertification was a technical impossibility.

Apparently, a former Dominion employee who now helps oversee Fulton County’s elections claimed that there was some sort of a “human error” where ballots were being improperly tabulated because someone had uploaded the wrong files to the flash card within the Dominion machines once the polls closed.

However, Moseder claimed that a human error can’t be a part of such an equation, because the uploaded data on these flashcards is automated.

“Mr. Dominic, a former Dominion employee who definitely knows that he’s lying, tries to make it sound like this is human error – where the precinct manager pulled the result file and the log file, but not the ballot images and vice versa. And all that stuff, none of that is actually how these systems work. If you just look at the Dominion user manual, you would see that all of that gets done automatically.

“It’s not like the precinct manager has to manually pull the result file and then the log file and then the ballot images. All three gets stored onto the compact flash drive immediately when you hit one button, which is to close the polls. So, Dominic wants you to believe that this has to do with human error, but this is definitely not human error and has everything to do with the Dominion ICP tabulator.”

Moseder then saved the best for last, where he received a fact check from none other than Lead Stories [2] over his first video in the series [3] that pertained to the mess that played out in DeKalb County’s primary.

In DeKalb County, candidate Michelle Long Spears was initially shortchanged by over 3,500 votes – putting her in third place at the closing of the polls with said error. However, once a hand recount was enacted, these missing votes seemed to crop up for Spears, which firmly placed her in first place on the ticket.

In the Lead Stories fact check of Moseder’s video, it quoted a press release from the secretary of state’s office that claimed the issue was discovered via a “routine post-election checks and balances prior to certification,” which led to a timely remedy.

Yet, Moseder pointed out that there was nothing routine about this glaring mishap being corrected, rather, this caveat was discovered only after a hand count was demanded by the shortchanged candidate, Spears.

“First of all, they say the issue was detected during the normal post-election processes. And that is utterly false. They didn’t detect this. What happened was Michelle Long Spears, the candidate that got cheated in the race, demanded a hand recount. And if it weren’t for that, they never would have caught this.”