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HORRIFYING: Elderly Woman Drove Over A Mile With A Dead Biker On Her Roof [VIDEO]

Just two days ago, the Idaho State Police reported that an elderly woman had hit two motorcycle riders with her Jeep Renegade. Both riders were airlifted to a nearby hospital. Sadly, the female rider would later succumb to her injuries. In the United States alone, nearly 6,000 [1] motorcycle riders died in 2020. The number doesn’t include other places like Kuala, which is a Malaysian state of Selangor. On Friday, a 67-year-old woman failed to stop at an intersection and crashed into a 26-year-old biker. Shockingly, the woman had no idea she had hit the bike and continued to drive down the road for over a mile. To make it worse, the biker, who was killed on impact, was stuck on top of her Proton sedan. 

Given the age of social media, numerous bystanders were able to catch the incident on their phones, uploading it to the internet. The video, which is featured below and is extremely graphic, showed the last few minutes when the woman was stopped by locals and informed she was carrying the body of the biker on top of her car. Again, the footage below is graphic.

While carrying the body on top of her car, when the woman was eventually stopped, she was shocked and confused to find out that she had not only ran through an intersection but had hit a biker during the process. It should be noted that it was reported that the woman suffered from numerous health problems, including diabetes, kidney problems, and high blood pressure.  

According to the police chief of Kuala Selangor, Ramli Kasa, the crash’s impact “led the motorcyclist to be thrown onto the roof of the car, and he died on the spot.”

Speaking on the tragic death, family and friends of the biker explained how they were riding with him when the woman drove through the intersection and hit him. The biker’s body was transported to a nearby hospital for an autopsy as the driver was treated for minor injuries, including lower back pain. Officials admitted that the investigation is still ongoing. 

In May, Florida, hoping to promote safe driving, announced the ‘Share the Road’ campaign. WPBF News reported [2], “Last year, there was an average of 290 crashes a week involving a bike or motorcycle — that number is so high because cyclists can sometimes be hard to see. FHP troopers are warning drivers to keep a close eye out for bikes and motorcycles and to never share a lane with them. A motorcyclist is entitled to the entire lane. Drivers are also encouraged to share the road with large commercial vehicles which take wide turns and cannot maneuver quickly.”