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J6 Hearings Are So Riveting People Are Falling Asleep & MSM Accidentally Drawing A Penis On Live TV [VIDEO]

While most Americans are dealing with more pressing matters like inflation and gas prices, the Democrats continue to press forward with their January 6th hearings and attempts to prove that former President Donald Trump orchestrated the supposed attack on democracy. On the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot, key Democrats suggested the day was comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Those narratives have continued as the committee heard testimony from state officials in Arizona and Georgia. Among them was the Republican House Speaker of Arizona, who claimed to have had a personal phone call with Trump. But while the committee hopes to end Trump’s political career, the Washington Post stole the show by accidentally making an obscene gesture. 

Speaking at the hearings, as seen in the video below, the Arizona House Speaker, Rusty Bowers, admitted he received a call from Trump shortly after the election results. On the call with him was also lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who pressed for an investigation. Bowers stated they wanted to do away with the “electors of President Biden and replace them. And we would like to have the legitimate opportunity through the committee to come to that end and remove that. And I said that’s something that’s totally new to me. I’ve never heard of any such thing. And he pressed that point. And I said, look, you are asking me to do something that is counter to my oath when I swore to the Constitution to uphold it. And I also swore to the Constitution and the laws of the state of Arizona, and this is totally foreign…”

But as mentioned and seen above, when the Washington Post tried to give an update on the hearings, James Hohmann seemed to draw a picture of a penis on the screen. And if that wasn’t bad enough, people were filmed literally falling asleep at the testimony during the hearings. 

Surprisingly, Hohmann never noticed as he explained, “These are the four witnesses we heard from today. Gabe Stirling, Brad Raffensperger, and Rusty Bowers all of them describing the pressure they were facing. In previous hearings, we’ve heard from others who are on the receiving end of pressure, including someone that was mentioned a fair amount today, B. J. Pak, the former US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, who resigned when he was unable to substantiate the allegations of fraud.”

Users online had a laugh at the hearings, commenting, “I couldn’t watch to the end cause I fell asleep. Somebody needs to capture the essence of this shitshow and bottle it as a potent cure for insomnia. What a waste of money. A perfect demonstration, as if we needed another one, of this illegitimate regime.”