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It’s been almost a year and half since the January 6 incident. We know a few things about it. First, we know that there were dozens of FBI agents and informants of all stripes in the crowd that day. We know that people who remain unindicted were going around telling people to break into the Capitol the day before. And we know the truth about the January 6 Committee: It’s a witch hunt designed by Democrats to put their political enemies in prison.

The attack on “democracy” wasn’t January 6. It was the rigged election before it, and the witch hunt after it.

 Peter Navarro’s “crime” is that he told the Trump White House how to challenge the election results. He refused to take part in a sham of a hearing intended only for political theater. So he told the January 6 Committee to go shove it. So now, they’ve arrested him and are looking to send him to prison.

 Just to put things in perspective, six years ago the head of the FBI himself, James Comey, came out and said that Hillary Clinton ran a secret email server, blatantly ignored laws about handling government emails, and left the whole thing exposed to being hacked by a foreign power. It was 100% categorically criminal behavior, but thanks to James Comey she was never charged. We know, with 100% certainty, that her campaign invented the Russia hoax and promoted it to the press and the FBI. We know that lawyer Michael Sussman told lies on Hillary’s behalf. But he got acquitted last week, because the trial was a sham, held in D.C. with a completely politically-compromised jury.

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 We know, with absolute certainty, that Hunter Biden took payoffs from a Ukrainian energy company for a job he wasn’t remotely qualified for. We know these payments amounted to potentially millions of dollars, money that we know he loved to illegally splurge on drugs and hookers. We know that when he wasn’t getting corrupt payoffs from Ukraine, he was getting special treatment from China too.

 If you want to root out actual corruption and fraud and lies, there are dozens of worthy and flagrant examples in D.C. right now. If you wanted to crush corruption in our capital, the fix is easy: Send a message by arresting Hunter Biden. We know he’s corrupt. We know he’s a proud and flagrant criminal. If he got shipped off to prison, it would work wonders for showing that nobody is above the law. People might actually believe in this country again.

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 But they’re not charging Hunter Biden, and they never will. Every new bit of corruption is just them rubbing it in our face. Meanwhile, the deep state’s other way of showing off its power is this fake investigation. They don’t even really care about Peter Navarro. What they really care about is you: They want to terrify and intimidate you, and make you too scared to stand up and resist at all.

 How did we get here? Peter Navarro hasn’t been shy about how. It’s not just Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. They’re Democrats, of course they’re going to be demonic. But another one of the offenders is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. According to Navarro, quote, “He knew right at the outset that they were breaking the rules, and he didn’t stand up right then.” Unquote.

 Well, that’s a given. When has Kevin McCarthy ever stood up for anyone except himself?

Peter Navarro has a lot of other things to say about this sham prosecution. He joins us now.

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