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Jerry Nadler Tried To Flip The Defund The Police Script, Instantly Regrets It Thanks To Chip Roy [VIDEO]

Just a day after receiving an endorsement from Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Jerry Nadler, who is up for reelection, found himself staring at Republican Congressman Chip Roy as he tried to explain the Defund the Police narrative.

Although it wasn’t that long ago that the Democrats supported the Black Lives Matter movement and their efforts to defund police across the United States, the increase in crime has caused them to try and place the blame on the GOP. But again, with Americans having a front-row seat to the riots and violence, Representative Roy wasn’t content with letting Nadler promote the false narrative. 

In the video, which can be watched below, Nadler was trying to criticize the GOP for the surge in crime when Roy interrupted, stating, “my colleagues on this side of the aisle, they go hide behind us and say we’re not defunding the police because you guys have some bill in here for a grant program. Because the idea of the grant program is to then go micromanage what the states have to go do. Because that’s the purpose of what you want to do. You want to use the federal money to power the coercion of the federal government to go and tell states what they must do. And you want to do it with borrowed money.”

The Republican didn’t allow the Democrat to talk, adding, “You want to do it with borrowed and printed money because that’s what we do in this town. We go write blank checks because we want to go give a press conference about all the greatness that we’re doing in this town, all of the awesome things that we’re accomplishing. Meanwhile, you say, ‘Well, you know, are they going to do this or not? Well, they actually have to make a tough choice because they actually have to balance a budget. They actually have to decide, are we going to spend money in a school, or we’re going to spend money on teachers.’ But in this case, what we do is we say we’ll write a blank check.”

And as for the claims that the Democrats weren’t defunding the police, Rep. Roy destroyed that narrative using facts. “My colleagues said, ‘Well, we’re not defunding the police,’ yet it is Democrats across the country that are clearly defunding the police. Austin, Texas, which I represent, $150 million slashed the budget. People are waiting to call 911. They can’t get through. They’re trying to get help. Police aren’t trained. The police are not actually being recruited now because we don’t have the money to recruit them. Why? Because Democrats in the progressive quote-unquote ‘oasis’ of Austin, Texas, stopped funding the police. I could go list by list here, Minneapolis cutting their budget. New York City cutting their budget. Cook County, Illinois, Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles, California, Milwaukee, Philadelphia all slashed their budget, cut police budgets. And now my Democratic colleagues want to say, ‘oh, in our infinite wisdom, we’re gonna go say here is our blank check. Here’s some more money for us to tell you what you have to do.'”