Enjoying a nice Saturday morning near his Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware, President Joe Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, decided to go on a nice bike ride. Celebrating their 45th anniversary this weekend, President Biden was biking around the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail when he decided to stop to talk to a group of supporters. While trying to dismount his bike, Biden accidentally tripped and fell over, causing onlookers and Secret Service to be concerned about the 79-year-old as he tumbled to the ground. Supposedly caused by his shoe being caught on the bike, the President quickly regained his footing, telling the crowd that he was okay. 

Happening in the morning, the video of Biden falling over, which can be watched below, quickly made its rounds on the internet with Fox News’s Lucas Tomlinson stating, “About 40 minutes ago, as you mentioned, President Biden was on a bicycle ride in Rehoboth Beach. He fell off the bike but appeared in good spirits and unharmed. He got up and immediately started talking with locals and joking, but there’s no sign the recovery is going to make a similar recovery.”

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Not letting the fall deter him, President Biden was sure to divert the conversation to the soaring gas prices most Americans are seeing. He claimed, “I’m using every lever available to me to bring down prices for the American people. These actions are part of our transition to a clean and secure long-term energy future. And the good news is climate security and energy security go hand in hand.”

Continuing with his theme that oil companies are to blame for gas prices climbing above $5 a gallon, the President added, “I contacted them with my team and asked what their plans are and to hear any suggestions they have. They have over 9000 leases. 9000. They could drill,  but they’re not doing it.”

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As for how Americans and Democrats feel about the Biden administration, Tomlinson revealed that his approval rating is plummeting, and even Democrats are seeking a change of leadership in 2024. “As the price of gasoline has skyrocketed across the country, Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted. His approval rating has sunk to 39%, with nearly half of Americans strongly disapproving of his job performance. According to a new USA Today Suffolk poll, only 16% of Americans strongly approve of the job he’s doing. That’s less than two in 10. Nearly three-quarters of the country thinks the US is on the wrong track. And nearly half of Democrats in the country are on the wrong track as well. Recall last week, the New York Times reported an increasing number of Democrats think Biden is an anchor that should be cut loose and say he should not run for re-election in 2024. With gas prices spiking and a trip to Saudi Arabia planned next month, many Americans want Biden to call for ramped up oil production here in the United States.”

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