The Democrats might be struggling when it comes to finding frontrunners in their party, but on the other side of the aisle, the Republicans are having a hard time figuring out who to support. Unlike the Democrats, the GOP has not only seen a rise in support over the last 18 months, but key members like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continue to gain ground for how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting children for sexual learning material in schools. Following DeSantis is Republican candidate for Arizona Governor, Kari Lake. Once working for the mainstream media, Lake watched the Biden administration and the disaster at the Southern border, ultimately leading her to seek political office. 

Having had multiple altercations with the media for not supporting the 2020 Presidential election results, Lake, as can be seen in the video below, recently spoke at the Walk Away PAC’s inaugural event. Unlike most politicians who seek office, the candidate didn’t make empty promises as she laid out exactly what she would do if elected. Take a look. 

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Focusing on the Southern border being overtaken by migrants, cartels, and drugs, Lake admitted, “The biggest human smuggling, drug trafficking, child trafficking operation is underway here in Arizona. And our government is partnering with the cartels. Yes, I said that our government, our federal government, the illegitimate Joe Biden regime is partnering with the cartels and I know that sounds strong to say that, but it’s true. It’s true. Because they could shut this down today. They could go back to President Trump’s policies. They could even rename it Joe Biden policy, but shut it down because we the people of Arizona are struggling. Our crime is soaring. We’ve got thousands of people coming across the border that are former murderers. They got a murder rap. They’ve got their DUI, assault, all kinds of different criminal backgrounds coming across our border.”

The Republican also harped on the massive amounts of fentanyl crossing the border as well. “And then the fentanyl, the drugs coming across. We confiscated five and a half tons of fentanyl last year. If you’ve watched any cartel movies, you know that the cartels only let us get a little bit. They don’t let us confiscate all of it. So if five and a half tons of fentanyl, enough to kill every man, woman, and child in America seven times over has been confiscated, how much has gotten in? This is a weapon of mass destruction.”

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As mentioned above, Lake was sure to reveal her plan if she were to win. “We’re going to issue a declaration of invasion. We’re going to resume the construction of the wall using the materials abandoned on the border. And we’re going to put our national guard down there armed and stop people from coming over.”

The entire speech can be watched below. 

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