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Lawmaker Becomes Prisoner Of War: Political Persecution Escalates As Committee Witness Lies

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It’s only thanks to the bogus 2019 Ukraine impeachment that we realized the full extent of the Biden family’s corruption and criminal activities. Now, in 2022, it’s only thanks to the January 6 committee that we’re learning just how desperate and corrupt this entire charade over J-6 is.

Earlier this week, the committee brought in a former Mark Meadows aide named Cassidy Hutchinson to testify.

Hutchinson, via hearsay, claimed that she heard stories of President Trump assaulting his driver, trying to seize the wheel of his presidential car, and drive it to the Capitol. She also claimed that President Trump threw his lunch in anger, smashing plates and causing ketchup to drip down the walls.

It took about ten minutes for Hutchinson’s story to get called out as a bunch of lies. It turns out that members of the Secret Service don’t like it when people tell lies about them, and so already several of them have said they will testify under oath if necessary that none of this happened.

Hutchinson, it turns out, is a type we all know well: She’s hungry for attention and fame, and if possible a book deal, and she’ll say what she can to get what she wants.

They had to bring this bad liar into the committee because the hearings themselves are a bust. Almost nobody is watching them. The country realizes this is a distraction from the unfolding disaster of the Biden regime. The country has exploding crime, rampant inflation, an energy crisis, soon a food crisis, a stalemated war that we started and we’re paying for in Ukraine, transgender freaks in elementary schools, and a lot more.

Literally all the Democrats have is screaming about “insurrection,” and bleating about “our democracy.” None of them believe in democracy at all, of course. That’s why last week’s abortion ruling was an attack on “democracy” according to Democrats. When your a liberal, “democracy” means having the Supreme Court force what you believe onto the whole country.  For them, “democracy” just means “whatever we want, forever.” And right now, what they want is to find an excuse to ban the Republican Party and put Donald Trump supporters in prison. So they’re doing everything they can to achieve that. Luckily, it’s probably not going to work, because the fraud is simply too obvious.

Derrick Evans is a former lawmaker from West Virginia. He’s a pro-life, patriotic conservative and a Trump supporter. Like thousands of other Trump supporters, he was present on January 6. He was peaceful and respectful throughout that day, but he became a target anyway because he livestreamed the events of that day to millions of people, and as a result became one of the faces of January 6.

Derrick was one of the first people arrested afterwards, and he’s spent the past 18 months battling to preserve his freedom.

Last week, Derrick was sentenced to three months in federal prison plus three years of probation for a felony charge of “civil disorder.” Derrick is currently waiting to receive his report date for incarceration, and so he’s free to join us right now.

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