Becoming somewhat of a folk hero for the Democrats, Attorney General Bill Barr has continued to criticize the claims surrounding the 2020 Presidential election and how it might have been stolen from the American people. Although it was once nothing more than accusations, the film 2000 Mules used cell phone data to map out the election process and how some drop boxes were visited several times by the same people. While the mainstream media and White House won’t discuss the film, thanks to Bill Barr and RINO Representative Liz Cheney, there is no denying that all of D.C. knows about 2000 Mules. As for Barr, his constant criticism and attacks have made Trump supporters like Mike Lindell to label him as “the most delusional person that ever walked the planet.”

Speaking to Steve Bannon on The War Room, Lindell, in the video below, didn’t hold back when it came to sharing his thoughts on Barr. “The people in this country that have done the work, have sat there and to expose the truth, day after day – people have quit their jobs. And that’s all they do. And all the millions of dollars spent to uncover the truth, all that the wasted money that was spent on the 2020 election, he just in one little breath of his little mouth says, ‘You know what? Donald Trump to believe something like that.’ What is his word? You have to be ‘delusional,’ or whatever you said. Well, I’ll tell you, Mr. Barr, you’re either the most corrupt person in this country, or you’re the most delusional person that ever walked the planet.”

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As for Barr’s claims pertaining to 2000 Mules and the cell phone data, Lindell explained, “I’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on investigating anything that was out there, anything that was done back in November and December of 2020. And Bill Barr did nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing other than try and suppress the stuff that was coming out. Whatever you do, don’t look into that. No, no, no, no. And you’ve seen what kind of person he is. When he sat on that panel, and he sat there, and belly laughed about it when they asked him about 2000 Mules—shame on you, Bill Barr. You know, Steve, you said it best in your interview. They use the same technology of this cell phone pings to track everything we do. I mean, if I lose my cell phone, I can call my IT person and say find it out via a cornfield, out in the middle of South Dakota, and I can get within one inch of that phone and pick it up. You know, I don’t care about Mr. Bill Barr. I mean, he’s got to be one of the dumbest guys ever, or he’s just a complete fraud.”

While Lindell mocked Barr, in another video, an individual decided to give a little history lesson of the Attorney General. “Look at Bill Barr. Look which President he worked for – the Bush crime syndicate. And if you look at some of the projects he worked on, but if you go back, we see with most of these cabals, his father was, among other things, one of the original OSS folks that preceded the CIA. He was then a CIA operative. And ultimately left the government to run a fairly well-known private school in New York. And lo and behold, while he was there, some strange things happened, not the least of which is they had a professor come on board, who didn’t have a college degree and turn around per year or two named Jeffrey Epstein.”

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Showing the campaign to dismantle Barr, even host Steve Bannon couldn’t stop from sharing his thoughts. Take a look.

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