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McCarthy Donors Fund Totalitarianism: Uniparty Establishment Aligned With Communist Takeover

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Twenty years ago, the Republican Party presented itself as the party of traditional marriage. Now, the party has many of the same leading figures, but it’s completely surrendered on gay marriage, and for good measure it’s also the party of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress. We have Congressional candidates who voted to let male perverts into girls’ locker rooms. The GOP poses as the party of gun rights, but a bunch of the candidates who are presented to us can’t wait for the first chance to betray that right.

 Fox News has Dan Crenshaw all the time. We’re supposed to like him because he has an eyepatch, I guess, which proves that he’s tough and “fought for our freedoms” or whatever. But whatever he did in the past, now Congressman Crenshaw can’t wait to find a way to surrender. Last summer, he sat around passively and voted to advance a bill that would have enabled a nationwide red flag law. Now he tries to claim that never happened. Don’t be fooled. RINOs always claim they will never do what they badly want to do.

 So, why does this keep happening? Well, there’s a scientific principle called Ockham’s Razor, named after medieval English priest William of Ockham. The principle is basically: In general, if you have a lot of possible explanations for something, the simplest explanation is probably the best one.

 So, what’s the simplest explanation for why the elected GOP keeps failing its voters? It’s probably this one: It’s because of their donors. Go look at the top donors to Kevin McCarthy. A lot of them are literally simultaneously donating to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They’re donating to the pederasts over at the Lincoln Project. They’re businesses that want never-ending open borders and don’t want anybody fighting culture war issues like letting drag queen pedophiles into our schools. So why should we be surprised that Kevin McCarthy is never going to deliver for us?

 Here’s one of the funny little secrets about politics: Money actually doesn’t matter that much. Sure, politicians and their consultants want it, because they can divert it to enrich themselves. But for actually winning campaigns, you don’t need that much money at all. So if we could start shaming our political leaders out of accepting donations from woke capital and the like, we’d still be able to win elections, and we’d be able to elect better Republicans. Let Kevin McCarthy go be a Democrat if it matters so much for him.

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