During a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News host lambasted Senate Republicans who’ve been working against the wishes of their constituents, voicing particular disdain for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for further emboldening the D.C. “uni-party.”

Carlson rhetorically asked on his program why certain Republicans are suddenly marching to the beat of the Biden administration’s proverbial drum before quickly answering why that is the case.

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“Why are they doing this? Why do you think they’re doing it? Because fundamentally, they’re on Joe Biden’s side. Whatever stylistic differences Republicans in Washington may have with Democrats – and there are some – in the end, Mitch McConnell has far more in common with Chuck Schumer than he does with your average Republican voter. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are united in their fear of populism and in their gut level loathing of the American public.”

The Fox News host asserted that the likes of McConnell and Schumer are “not alone” in said fear of populism, claiming that Washington as a whole is terrified of democracy operating in its intended fashion. Carlson claimed this shared fear has culminated in a “uni-party.”

“What Washington fears most is democracy – that is letting voters have what they want. That’s not allowed. Republicans and Democrats have formed a uni-party specifically to prevent it. You see this everywhere, but you see it most clearly in the gun control legislation that’s in the Senate right now.”

Carlson later shared a clip of Sen. McConnell’s June 14th address pertaining to the advancement of gun control legislation, where the Senate Minority Leader stated he’ll “be supportive” of increased gun control after invoking the recent mass shootings out of Buffalo and Uvalde.

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Mocking McConnell, Carlson stated, “‘I’ll be supportive.’ How many people who voted for Mitch McConnell in Kentucky are supportive of this, 20%? That may be high.”

Republican Sen. John Cornyn was also an object of Carlson’s ire, with the Fox News host delivering harsh criticism over how the Texas Republican is working to get gun control legislation rushed through the Senate faster than the American people can even read what’s in the bill.

“But yesterday, just a few hours after the text of this gun confiscation bill was released, the Senate voted on it in just a few hours. Why? Well, John Cornyn said there was simply no time to allow anyone to read the bill – even people voting on it – or to try to understand what was in it.

“A reporter last night overheard John Cornyn, again, a senator from Texas, a Republican, say this and we’re quoting, ‘It’s only 80-pages long, how long do you need to read it?’ Then John Cornyn appeared in front of cameras to explain to the Senate cannot pass this bill soon enough.”

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