It has been almost one week since the Supreme Court made its historic ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. Since then, there have been numerous protests around the country as liberal and pro-choice activists clashed with police and pro-life supporters. With numerous arrests being made and officers being attacked, it seems like the Democrats haven’t stopped calling for more action to be taken.

On top of the protests and violence, many have called for the Supreme Court to be abolished. But while neither Democrats nor the mainstream media cared about the fact that abortion is now in the hands of the states, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to use reporters chasing her down for an interview to show how they have manipulated the narrative. 

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In the video featured below, Greene was surrounded by reporters asking her questions on the January 6th committee and the ruling on abortion. Only wanting quick sound bites to use to attack the GOP further, the Republican turned the tables on them, asking, “Are you not interested in their ruling? How about AOC saying to take to the streets? Would you like to talk about that? Would you consider that an insurrection? I think you should be asking Democrats, are they going to call for peace here in our city? Or are they calling for violence? Because everything that I’ve heard out of them is that they’re calling for violence.”

Still pushing her to discuss the January 6th riot and if former President Donald Trump was connected to it, Greene admitted, “I’m on record always saying the January 6 was wrong. And I’m on record saying that it shocked me. And I don’t understand why the National Guard wasn’t here. Why wasn’t the National Guard here? And then another question is, what about Ray Epps? Why isn’t he on television with the January 6 committee? So I’m not the one you need to be asking questions to.

You should be asking Democrats today are they going to call for peace? Are they going to call for people to abide by the laws today in this important historic rulings? Or are they going to continue what they always do, which is riot, damage, and attack the Supreme Court? Are they going to burn it down? Because that’s what they’ve said. Are they going to be attacking pregnancy resource centers, women’s clinics, churches, and firebombing them?”

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One reporter asked the Representative if the GOP was to retake the House, would they push for more laws surrounding abortion. Again, knowing how the media would spin her words, Greene stated clearly, “I’m on record. I believe in life at conception. I would love to see abortion ended in the United States.” 

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