LAS VEGAS, NV – Of all people to decide to chime in on the recent vote to cut funding from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, O.J. Simpson went on a diatribe saying that “we need the police,” while trailing off on a number of other recent topics in the media.

On June 27th, the West Hollywood City Council narrowly voted to cut the funding that allocated five members of the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department (LASD) to patrol the entertainment district that has endured higher levels of crime as of late.

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This past February, the New York Post reported that overall crime in the area had increased by 137% in a single year, leaving some concerned over the removal of deputies tasked with patrolling the area.

Simpson, the 74-year-old former football player who likely needs no introduction as to what jettisoned him into notoriety within the court of public opinion, posted a video online where he weighed in on the defunding of the LASD.

“Hey Twitter world, it’s me, yours truly. Well, a lot of things was taking place yesterday, I see, in Los Angeles. They voted to defund the sheriff’s department – I think that’s all wrong. You know, I spent a little time in one of our institutions, and trust me, we need police, we need the sheriff’s department. I always said they should just redirect some of those funds to better training and I always say to expanding the I.A. – internal affairs – police who investigate the police. But defunding the police as a whole, the sheriff’s department as a whole? No.”

Simpson then dove into his thoughts on the testimony Cassidy Hutchinson delivered before the January 6 committee, where he claimed he was “very impressed” with what she told Congress.

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However, Simpson was also critical over the easily debunked statements that Hutchinson stated in her testimony regarding Trump allegedly trying to grab the steering wheel and assaulting a member of the Secret Service, saying, “That’s just tabloid crap, who cares? My first thought when she was talking about The Beast was that thing is huge. How in the hell would the president get from the backseat anywhere near the steering wheel?”

“The Juice” then switched up the topic to the Supreme Court’s then-impending decision on a Trump-era immigration policy (Remain in Mexico) being able to be ousted, as, the court ruled could the policy could be upended via the Biden administration.

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However, it seems as though Simpson happened to be a fan of Trump’s immigration policies, based upon his thoughts of “Remain in Mexico” being on the chopping block. “I see the Supreme Court is about to make a ruling on one of Trump’s programs that they process the migrants on their side of the border,” he said. “Hey, I agree with him 100% – I don’t think we should be waiting for them to get on our side of the border to process them. I’m just saying.”

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