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Pfizer Fraud Exposed: Vaccine Advisory Committee Lied To Get FDA Approval For Babies

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Last Saturday, the CDC called for vaccinating all children between six months and five years old against Covid-19.

Remember, the statistical risk of Covid to children in that age bracket is basically zero. Even under the official numbers, fewer than one thousand children under 18 have died of Covid in the past two years. Of those who died, the vast majority had extremely severe preexisting conditions which meant just about any illness had a chance of killing them. For a child who is healthy enough to go outside or attend school or walk under their own power, the risk of Covid really is pretty much zero.

But the CDC is obsessed with vaccinating them all anyway, because this isn’t about health. It’s about power and it’s about religious-level fanaticism. The vaccine has become a sacrament, which all people must submit to or they are unworthy of St. Fauci’s benevolence.

James Roguski writes a Substack where he tracks developments on vaccines and a lot more related to Covid. James closely followed the FDA’s recent endorsement of vaccinating toddlers, and he says the entire approval can only be explained by rampant and egregious medical fraud. Even the numbers presented to the FDA, he says, show only fourteen percent effectiveness for Pfizer’s jab. The numbers show that over a timespan of months, there is virtually no difference between children getting the Pfizer jab and children getting a placebo. More to the point, even for the children who got the placebo and then got infected, all of them were fine. We are giving them a dangerous and deadly injection with catastrophic long-term consequences, in order to “protect” children from a disease that poses far less of a danger to them than the flu does.

But demonically enough, the response from Pfizer and the CDC isn’t that this shows the vaccine is unnecessary. Instead, they say it just shows that kids need more shots. Since the first two doses are only 14 percent effective, just keep sticking them with more needles and it’ll probably work out. That’s the CDC’s reasoning. I guess we’ll just have to wait another four to six months for them to announce that we’re going to be jabbing newborns four times apiece in the name of fighting Covid.

Like we just said, James Roguski unpacks all this data over at his Substack. We encourage you to check it out. James joins us now.

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