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America’s commitment to Ukraine is on par with our peak commitment to the war in Afghanistan. We’ve already sent Zelensky’s corrupt government more than forty billion dollars, and in September you know congress will probably vote to send him another forty billion, or maybe more. Maybe fifty, or seventy, or a hundred billion dollars. Who’s counting? Certainly not Congress.

Of course, just like with the Afghan government, spending unlimited money only guarantees that a few corrupt people will become unimaginably wealthy. It doesn’t guarantee winning the war.

And right now, Ukraine is losing the war. After cheerleading this war on for months, our own media are admitting it: The Ukrainians are losing about two hundred soldiers killed every day, and maybe four or five times that wounded. They can barely fire one artillery shell for every ten Russia fires.

Meanwhile, Zelensky is making these ridiculous photo op appearances with celebrity actors like Ben Stiller. He’s also holding meetings with Western leaders, where they’re all in suits while Zelensky wears his ridiculous skin-tight shirts, like he’s about to go work out in the gym.

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It’s theater, for a conflict where tens of thousands of people are dying, and the media is VERY careful not to tell you how well Russia is doing amidst a global inflationary crisis.

This economic downturn is affecting every corner of the globe – except for Russia.

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Why is that?

Because Vladimir Putin puts Russia first, and has chosen to opt out of the dangerous monetary and fiscal policies foisted onto the rest of the world by the Criminal Banking Cartel and their central banks.

That criminal banking cartel, which is desperate to keep the United States and China under their thumb, can’t allow a major player like Russia to operate outside their greedy strangle hold.

So they’re doing everything they can to turn Vlad Putin into the world’s next global villain.

Our support for Ukraine isn’t helping them win the war. It’s just making sure that the war grinds on, so that Ukraine will be completely destroyed by the time it loses, rather than losing quickly as an intact country.

Our leaders basically tricked Ukraine into doing this, just like we strung Ukraine along before this war. We built them up, hoping that they’d be a problem for Russia. And now we’re hoping that they just cause a lot of damage to Russia before they get completely crushed.

That was our plan all along, it seems. If we’d simply stayed out of the area and not insisted on egging Ukraine on, there never had to be a war at all.

But Ukraine isn’t the only victim of our arrogance. Americans are as well. That’s why we’re paying five or six or seven dollars a gallon at the pump. It’s why we’re going to have a food shortage this fall. And it’s why India and the Middle East and China are all moving as quickly as they can to build a new global economic order that doesn’t depend on us. It’s an intentional trap set by a satanic global cabal that we’re walking right into, and it seems like Putin is the only thing standing between that entrapment and freedom.

[I will play the clip of Putin saying this the unipolar world order is over]

The era of a unipolar world order is over.

Edward Szall joins us with an update on the war, and the latest developments in the global economic proxy war that it has caused.

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