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Radical Left-Wing Terrorists Shut Down Freeways & Attack Police With Explosives In Los Angeles [7 VIDEOS]

Yesterday’s historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was followed by radical left-wing politicians melting down and gaslighting -activating their shock troops into taking to the streets. [1]

Here are the results of their gaslighting…

Los Angeles: Pro-Abortion Protesters Shut Down the Freeway and Use Sticks to Attack Passing Drivers:

LAPD Confronts Protestors Blocking the Freeway and Threatens Immediate Arrest for Failing to Get Off:

Activists shout back, “Whose street? Our street!”

Roe. v. Wade Protests: Tensions Between Police and Activists Intensify in Los Angeles, CA:

“Move!” – “Get Back!”

Pro-Abortion Rioters Throw Fireworks at Los Angeles Police Officers:

Even though it didn’t look like anyone was hurt, pro-choice is becoming a synonym for pro-death, pro-injury, and pro-terrorism.

ANTIFA and Far-Left Protesters Surround and Attack LAPD Officers, Violence Ensues:

Los Angeles is in an absolute state of chaos.

Pro-Abortion Activists Clash With LAPD: Pushing, Shoving, and Altercations Break Out:

Scuffles Break Out in Los Angeles Between Police and Protesters as LAPD Starts Arresting Rioters:

At least 50 people have reportedly been taken into custody.