After the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, the Democrats and the Biden administration urged Americans to promote more gun control and even a ban on certain assault rifles and accessories. Welcoming actor Matthew McConaughey to the White House, the A-Lister called for action as he recounted the 19 children that were murdered at the Robb Elementary School.

While offering numerous ideas, one proposed by the Biden administration was the adoption of Red Flag Laws. With Americans wanting mass shootings to end and children to be protected, it appears that many are accepting the idea. But according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Red Flag Laws focus little on stopping mass shootings and more on giving the government power over citizens. 

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In the video below, Carlson explained why Red Flag Laws have become so popular over the last few months. “So a lot of Americans, not surprisingly, now say they want red flag laws. And why wouldn’t they? Like supporting Black Lives Matter or fighting climate change or getting the COVID shot, or standing with the brave people of Ukraine. Red flag laws seemed like one of those ideas that no decent person could possibly oppose. You want crazy people to have guns? Of course, you don’t? Who would? So naturally, you’re for red flag laws. And in fact, we may soon get red flag logs across the country. So what would that mean?”

Revealing exactly what would happen if adopted, the host added, “Two things you should know first, red flag laws will not end mass shootings. But red flag laws will end due process. Due process is a simple concept. But it’s the key to everything good about America. In our system of justice, citizens cannot be punished without first being charged with a crime. Politicians cannot just decide to hurt you, throw you in handcuffs, lock you in jail, or seize your property, simply because they don’t like how you think or how you vote. Before they punish you, they have to go through a formal process in which they describe which specific law you broke and exactly how you broke it. They have to prove it.”

Carlson was sure to note why the Biden administration was so adamant about the laws, claiming it allowed the Democrats power to do whatever they wanted. “So red flag laws are unconstitutional. Period. We don’t need to guess about that. And yet the Biden Administration is pushing them anyway. Why? Because they don’t care. How is Joe Biden able to ignore a Supreme Court decision from last year? Simple. He declares an emergency and does what he wants. He’s done it before. The White House did the same thing with the eviction moratorium and vaccine mandates last year. It’s an emergency. We don’t have time for due process. So you can see why Democrats love emergencies. Nothing gives them more power more quickly.”

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