Having been in control of D.C. for almost two years, the Democrats have struggled on every front, including the Southern border, inflation, gun control, and COVID-19. Right now, it appears the only thing the Democrats are remotely interested in is the January 6th hearings and trying to convince themselves and Americans that former President Donald Trump not only orchestrated the riots but tried to overthrow democracy in the process.

Although the hearings have been lackluster, with some people falling asleep, the President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, recently spoke about the Democratic Party and one of their top members, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

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Discussing the power the Democrats control in D.C., in the video below, Fitton explained how Pelosi and the January 6th committee aren’t just going after Trump but the Supreme Court as well. He said, “The other problem we have with separation of powers is sometimes the branches attack each other and undermine each other, as I was saying. So this Pelosi rump committee is attacking Congress. They’re targeting fellow members of the House, trying to haul them in before they’re kangaroo court proceedings. They’re obviously attacking the presidency by trying to get communications that are typically protected from scrutiny. And trying to suggest the President has no right or power to be president if they don’t agree with him politically. And then, thirdly, they’re attacking the Supreme Court. And they’re doing this by attacking Ginni Thomas.”

Exposing the Democrats’ agenda, Fitton continued, “The leftist decided that if you’re the spouse of a Supreme Court justice, they don’t like, namely, Clarence Thomas, you don’t have first amendment rights. And by the way, if that spouse says things or gets involved in topics the left doesn’t like, they’re going to use that as a vehicle to try to attack the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. And in the case of harassing Ginni Thomas, they not only obviously make her life miserable but her husband’s life miserable. They also impact the court generally because this is a signal to every judge or justice on the court that their families potentially are on the chopping block.”

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The President was sure to add that Judicial Watch has done more investigating than the committee. “Judicial Watch has done more independent serious investigation of January 6, and its aftermath, which has been negative for the country because, as I said, the left is using it as a pretext to undermine all of our civil liberties than any other entity here in town.” Fitton concluded, “They want to undermine election integrity, and because the Marxists are essentially running the house, they’re also using it as a vehicle to undermine our Republic. So that’s where we stand on January 6.”

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