While Mike Lindell was known for his increasingly popular MyPillow, his entrance into the political ring came during the Trump administration. Not only was he a massive supporter of former President Donald Trump, but Lindell was also an outspoken critic of the 2020 Presidential election and how it was stolen from Trump and the American people.

Sharing his opinions on the election and the massive wave of censorship that appeared to start with Trump, the CEO of MyPillow recently announced that major companies like Costco and Walmart have not only canceled him but his pillow as well. 

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Releasing a video on how he was canceled for his beliefs, Lindell, as can be seen below, didn’t shy away from placing the blame on cancel culture and the push for companies to dictate political views. “Shame on them. It’s disgusting. We all know that. It happened right after January, right after all the evidence and stuff came out. There were attacks from everywhere. But when that happened, a couple of things happened. Costco waited four months before they decided they’d sneak out the back door. Rotten Costco. All the shopping channels had done it too. Your QVC, your HSN, they all had different little lies. Sales are, you know, they’re just not where we want them. What do you mean, they were at an all-time high.”

Not directly claiming it was his support for Trump that led to his pillow being taken out of stores, Lindell explained, “Last year, bots and trolls attacked every single outlet in the world, giving the product a bad rating. And I said the pillow has been the same rating at Walmart forever. We’ve been there for ten years.”

Still, blaming it on nothing more than poor performance, the CEO fired back, “you’re saying you can’t carry my pillow two-plus years later because of a rating when we have sold $20 million of my pillows a year and maybe upwards of 40 million in your stores. And you’re telling me that you put this thing in two and a half years ago, and I said I get it. You’re canceling us. He had a smirk on his face, and I slammed the computer. Disgusting. Shame on you, Walmart. Shame on you.”

Continuing to criticize the companies, Lindell concluded, “Just because you thought you could wait until now for the American people, for the people of this country, to sit there and do a slow cancel out is just as bad — you should have just started on day one when I stood up with the evidence out there.”

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To support Lindell and his product, MyPillow can still be found on his website at mypillow.com. (Use promo code RVM)

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