Thanks to the film “2000 Mules,” the accusations surrounding the 2020 Presidential election being stolen are now more than just claims. Using cell phone data, the filmmakers were able to view drop boxes used during the election and how many of them were visited by the same individuals numerous times.

Although the film has been criticized and news outlets like Fox News refuse to report of the subject matter, Nick Moseder has spent an incredible about of time dissecting the information showcased in the film and how it links to a massive ring of voter fraud that included foundations, billionaires like George Soros, Democrats, and even former President Barack Obama.

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Having the chance to speak with the founder of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht, which can be watched below, Moseder stated, “Based on what we learned from exposing UnidosUS, the Industrial Areas Foundation and Stacey Abrams fair fight action. What do all of these organizations have in common, one, is that they like to stake out in the major cities. Two is that they like to take advantage of the poor communities and the minority communities, specifically Hispanics and black people. Three is that they like to make affiliations with the churches because of their money, their influence, and their power. Four is that they serve the radical Marxist agenda. Five is that they all are focused on community organizing and radicalizing political activists. And six, they’re almost always funded by large liberal donors like George Soros or grants from organizations like the Catholic Church. And we can take those six identifiers and apply it to any NGO [non-government operations]. And if it meets those six criteria, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re involved in ballot trafficking.”

Exposing yet another NGO that played a significant part in the Democrats rise to power, Moseder explained, “The Gamaliel Foundation was founded in 1986 to train community and faith leaders in building political power and creating organizations that unite people of diverse faiths and races. The Gamaliel Foundation has 44 affiliates across 17 states working to build strong metropolitan and statewide organizations. Their organization is composed mostly of people of color, particularly women of color. Now, this group claims to be nonpartisan, but here are the issues which they focus on, criminal justice reform, integrated voter engagement, racial equity, and immigration reform.”

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Not that surprising, Moseder added how the Gamaliel Foundation shared similarities to the Industrial Area Foundation and Saul Alinsky. “The Gamaliel foundation is yet another community organizing group which targets the minority community, has a radical Marxist agenda, and is heavily partnered with the churches. It almost sounds like we’re talking about Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. And what’s interesting about that is they share a lot of affiliates. This is a list of their affiliates. So we’ll look at the swing states. In Michigan, they partnered with interfaith, which is the Industrial Areas Foundation. In Wisconsin, they partner with the racing Interfaith Coalition. In Pennsylvania, they partner with the Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network.”

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In Part One of Moseder’s series on “2000 Mules,” he discussed how foundations were funded by World Economic Forum members like George Soros, who is an agenda contributor. “The Gamaliel Foundation has been supported by the Democracy Alliance, the Ford Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Institute, and the Tides Foundation, which is also George Soros. Or how about this one, one of their affiliates hired future President Barack Obama as lead organizer in 1985. Obama learned many of his community organization skills from the Gamaliel Foundation, most notably, he learned how to disguise his intense political convictions by portraying them as practical problem solving motivated by religious faith.”

Although Moseder hinted at a part 5, the work already illustrated above has revealed how deep election fraud goes. And he was sure not to forget Democrat Stacey Abrams, her affiliation with another NGO, Fair Fight Action, and their ongoing efforts to control the Southern state.

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