Like many who have decided to speak out against the COVID-19 drug and the numerous side effects, the Biden administration wanted to ignore, Dr. Ryan Cole has watched his career and decades of medical expertise have been criticized for nothing more than sharing a different opinion other than the approved COVID-19 narrative. Much like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Cole has been subject to constant attacks, but still, having facts and data on his side, the doctor noted that science would prevail, and the defamation suits were definitely on the horizon. 

In the video featured below, Dr. Cole admitted, “I am attacked viciously. And they can count on their defamation suits coming their direction because all they can do at this point is attack me with epithets and call me names and try to demean me. Fine, whatever. But you can’t attack the science and the data. And the cells don’t lie. The blood patterns don’t lie. The dead people don’t lie. And the deposition of the spiked protein in tissues doesn’t lie. So you can attack me. You don’t have to like me. I’ve lost some of my largest clients because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re too controversial.’ I’m like, controversial. I’m a pathologist. I don’t create a disease. I don’t prevent a disease. I am the reporter at the scene of the accident. I report the disease. I’m observing patterns.”

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As already stated, the doctor detailed the data being presented and how it showed “tons of 20 and 30-year-olds coming in with breast cancer and about 99% of people in their population are jabbed. And so a radiologist here just across the state calls me and says, ‘I just saw two high-grade breast cancers in two 31-year-old women four weeks after their booster.’ And a Chair of Oncology at a large hospital in Florida just a month ago said, ‘Hey, Doc, thanks for speaking out. I usually see an aggressive brain cancer in a young patient about every decade or so. I’ve seen five in the last month after the boosters.'”

Dr. Cole also added how cancer patients, who were clear for years, have seen the cancer return after getting the COVID-19 drug. “We have patients that have been cancer-free for three, four, or five years. All their scans are clear. They get that booster, and now they have stage four disease again. It is happening. I don’t want it to be happening. Like I said, I’m just a reporter, so the media can attack me. I will sue them because they’re defaming my character, trying to ruin my business. I’m speaking against the narrative because I’m trying to protect humanity through this microscope. I see what’s happening, and it’s not right to be harming humanity.”

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