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The FDA Is About “Approve’ Jabbing Kids As Young As 6 Months & They Asked For Your Comments

The Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) is set for their upcoming meeting on June 15. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the expansion of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot for children from ages six months to five years old.

This is the same meeting that was originally scheduled for February [1], but due to backlash from the public, the meeting was postponed with the intent of the committee being able to gather more information. Should the committee vote to extend the EUA to those age groups, that would mean that approximately 18 million more children would be eligible to receive the shot.

This young age group is at minimal risk for Covid infection, and, should they get sick, they are much less likely than older age groups to have a serious sickness or death. In fact, 99.99815% of children in this age group who contract the virus will survive.

However, the Covid shot has given young children [2] increasing amounts of adverse reactions [3]. While big pharma attempts to blame the hospitalizations of children on the virus itself, a recent Reese Report video says that it’s actually Pfizer and their ilk causing more hospitalizations [4] with their experimental shots.

Further, in December, Pfizer said that the first two shots of its drug were not effective [1] in ages two to five as they’d hoped.

So why would we give them more if they’re not effective and causing horrific side effects? Keep in mind, the committee approving this would not make the shot FDA “approved”- it would simply expand the emergency use authorization of the experimental drug for use on our children.

Interestingly, this meeting has not yet made its way to the Federal Register (like the other meetings scheduled for June of 2022), but they did set up an open public comment [5] section. Public comment [5] can be made with a person’s name or anonymously, and they can be sent in until June 13.

It’s imperative for the FDA to be made aware that the public is still watching, and we don’t want this shot given to our most vulnerable part of our population. Our children do not need access to an experimental drug, which, frankly, has fallen short of all the wonders promised to us.

Make no mistake, should this shot be authorized for that age group, it would be distributed as soon as possible by the government. It would also increase the likelihood that the Covid shot be added to vaccine schedules for schools.

Statements that are copy and pasted will not be sent to the committee, but Red Voice Media encourages its readers to send the FDA and the VRBPAC their feelings and information that should be considered by the committee making the decision. There is plenty of information on RVM’s platform and elsewhere on why this shot should not be offered to young people. If the committee doesn’t care to search for it on its own, let’s help them find it.

Submit your public comment HERE [5].