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For the past several years, America has been absolutely losing its mind on race.

What’s driving this? Objectively, American race relations are way better than they were a half-century ago. Nobody is banned from restaurants, schools, theaters, or jobs simply on account of their skin color. Nobody is forced to the back of the bus. Nobody is getting disenfranchised through rigged literacy tests. The Ku Klux Klan is a joke with a few dozen members, half of them feds. It’s not an actual threat to anyone.

But somehow it doesn’t matter. Instead of being a model for racial progress, we have to hear lectures every day about how irredeemably racist America is. The left has committed itself to constant racial agitation. Two years ago, in the name of a “racial reckoning,” political leaders let mobs burn down police stations, loot stores, and destroy our shared heritage. Check out the public schools in any major city, and you’ll find teachers pushing critical race theory and other toxic poisons, which teach white children that they are always racist and naturally evil, and that they owe the entire world reparations for the sins of their ancestors.

In California right now, the state has convened a special race reparations task force. Now, even when slavery was legal in America, California was a free state. But activists in the state are still demanding sweeping, and probably permanent, special racial privileges under the banner of “equity.” They’re suggesting that California give free houses, free college, free private school tuition, and zero-interest loans, all on the basis of race. Some people will be winners, and get all of this because they are the right racial group, and everybody else will be the losers forced to pay for it.

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This isn’t equality. It’s the creation of a racial caste system, just like what Jim Crow was a century ago.

We desperately need leaders brave enough to push back against this, explicitly. Even within the Republican Party, most politicians are too cowardly. They don’t want to talk about this, so they prefer to just pretend it’s not happening.

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But if anybody can speak honestly, it ought to be Doctor Ben Carson, former 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s HUD secretary, and one of the most famous surgeons in America. Doctor Carson is one of the few famous doctors who still really deserves that title. Last fall, while the CDC and FDA stampeded to start vaccinating every child they could find, Dr. Carson told the truth: Children are at basically no risk, so it is insane to inject them with an experimental vaccine they do not need and whose long-term outcomes we do not know.

Dr. Carson is a wise man, and he has some new wisdom out in his first book since leaving his job with the Trump administration last year.

The book is “Created Equal: The Painful Past, Confusing Present and Hopeful Future of Race in America.” You can find it online wherever books are sold.

Dr. Ben Carson joins us now.

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