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This Damning 153 Second Video Dooms Dems Midterm Hopes, Disaster, Division & Disinformation [VIDEO]

No matter how many speeches they give and promises they make, the Democrats and Biden administration is extremely worried about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. Over the past 18 months, the Democrats and Biden administration has controlled D.C. and the White House. So far, all they have to show for it is a failing Southern border, rising gas prices, record-high inflation, and a baby formula shortage. That doesn’t add in their COVID-19 agenda that tried to make the jab mandatory for America’s workforce. Most polls show the GOP gaining significant ground this November through all the government overreach and mandates. 

Given the numerous stances the Democrats have taken over the last year, the video, which is featured below, details some so-called progressive movements they have backed. They included stricter gun laws, banning certain assault rifles, criticizing the Supreme Court for their supposed take on Roe v. Wade, and who could forget the Democrat’s favorite, suggesting that the GOP was a breeding ground for white supremacy and extremism. 

On top of wanting more gun laws and defending late-term abortions, the Democrats also promoted education in schools that surrounded gender identity and sexual orientation. The party also had a difficult time classifying what makes a woman a woman.

But even with all the progressive support and calls for action, the Democrats are still trailing behind the Republicans as the midterms are right around the corner. And again, no matter how much they claim to be gaining ground, Washington Post columnist Matt Bai [1] admitted that the Democrats wouldn’t only lose the House this November but the Senate as well. He wrote, “If you’re a Democrat looking for reasons to be hopeful about your electoral prospects, then I’ve got one of those classic good news/bad news scenarios for you. The bad news … is that your party is heading for a world of hurt in November. Every poll can’t be wrong.”

Bai didn’t have all bad news for the Democrats, adding, “The good news is that getting blown out in 2022 may well be the only path you have to holding the White House in 2024. But everything we know about modern politics suggests that the best way — maybe the only way — for a Democrat to be re-elected is to also be the last guy standing between the broad American electorate and a whole lot of Republican crazy. These aren’t the conservative revolutionaries of 1994 or even tea-party types of 2010. This is the mutant-gene version of a Republican uprising, a full-on crazy-eyed dystopian movement of conspiracists and authoritarians.”

Users online voiced their concern, writing, “The coming tsunami wiping out a lot of Democrats is a start. What we need is an extinction-level event to save what little will be left of this country at the current rate of decline. We need a supermajority in the Senate to get anything done and the ability to override Biden Vetoes.”