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This Is Just the Start: COVID Was an Opportunity to Probe Defenses for the Next Determined Assault [VIDEOS]

Neil Oliver’s monologues are legendary, and his latest certainly did not disappoint…

Neil Oliver: “If they don’t seek to curtail yet more of our freedoms in response to a disease, they will surely try to have us submit to restrictions designed to save the planet or stop the war in Ukraine or whatever cause they can drum up next.”

Neil Oliver: “That figure [according to the JCVI] is 2 million children. Each jab, not once, but twice to stop one admission to ICU.”

“How many grandparents and great grandparents would countenance the injection of five-year-olds and … six-month-old babies to protect those elders from any disease, up to and including the Black Death? My hunch is not many.”

You can see the entire thing by clicking on the link below…

‘Leave the Kids Alone’: Neil Oliver [VIDEO] [1]