With Joe Biden calling for more funding and claiming a second pandemic is on the horizon, critics of the COVID-19 agenda like attorney Thomas Renz are blasting not only the Democrats and big pharma, but news outlets like Fox News for even discussing the COVID-19 drug in the first place. 

Appearing on His Glory, as can be seen in the video below, Renz, who has been on the frontlines when it comes to exposing the government overreach and COVID-19 agenda, stated, “The reality is that there’s too many people that didn’t get the jab and too many [who] got one jab and won’t get another — ever! It’s not gone well [for them].”

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He added, “[They] need a new scary thing to get more people jabbed in more ways and to push more of this, and what it really is going to do is it’s going to look like it’s not credible because it’s just stupid.”

While the Biden administration has praised the new authorization of the COVID-19 drug for children as young as six-months-old, Renz explained the serious side effects still being reported. “The side effects from the jabs are severe, and they’re everywhere. And they’re everything. I mean, we’ve got in there, they had this hepatitis in kids. Well, that’s a listed adverse event of special interest from Pfizer. They said, ‘well, the only thing we can find in common is adrenal virus.’ Well, guess what? That’s on the list, too.  I mean, listen, all of this is being driven by these poison jabs. They’re trying to keep us in perpetual lockdown. It ain’t happening. We’re done with this. And I don’t care how stupid the rest of the world is. We the people of this country have to say absolutely no on this.”

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It wasn’t all about the COVID-19 drug for Renz. He also discussed how the mainstream media has played a crucial role as outlets like Fox News continue to spread fear porn. “And listen. For any you guys who are listening to this and listen to Fox News. You know, Fox News has been pushing some serious fear porn. Listen, there’s some good people over there. But Fox News is bought and paid for by the federal government and Big Pharma. They’ve taken the money from the devil.”

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The attorney admitted that given the severity of the COVID-19 drug, there is no playing both sides. “So you either need to come onto our side and you need to figure it out, or you need to get out of the way because we the people are not locking down again. I’m just telling you, they tell me I gotta stay in my house, I’m going to be posting videos of me driving my gas guzzling, climate change, causing truck all over the place with my windows down, breathing without a mask on everybody. I mean, it’s just ridiculous.”

The full interview can be watched below. 

Exposing Crimes Against Humanity and the Globalist Agenda: Attorney Thomas Renz [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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