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True The Vote 2000 Mules: A Lot More Explosive Stuff Coming, ‘We’re About To Go Big, Go Loud’ [VIDEO]

While having been released for just over a month, the film 2000 Mules continues to spread across the country as more and more Americans are learning about the details surrounding the 2020 Presidential election and how it might have been stolen from voters and former President Donald Trump.

Although claims of election fraud have been hurled at the Biden administration and Democrats since the results were read, the organization True The Vote decided to stop spreading accusations and use data and facts to show how it might have been rigged. Using cell phone data, not only did the film help solve a murder, but it detailed how numerous drop boxes were visited by the same people several times. And while that alone was alarming, according to Catherine Engelbrecht, the film is just the beginning. 

For those who might not know who Engelbrecht is, she is the founder behind True The Vote and a major contributor when exposing the election fraud and Biden administration. But as mentioned above, the film was just the start.

In the video featured above, Engelbrecht admitted, “We have a lot of information that has yet to come out. Far more than what you’ve seen in 2000 Mules. More, we believe, even more explosive yet ahead. And the strategy is in the beginning, we’re buttoning everything up, it’s going to be loud and to bring it to shows like yours and others, where we can spread the word and build this momentum, keep the momentum going. Because just as you said, law enforcement sometimes just need the courage to move forward and knowing that the people are supporting and have their back, it means a lot and it gets a lot done a lot faster. So, we’re about to go big, go loud…”  

Just a few days ago, the filmmaker behind 2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza, explained how the general public could get their local governments involved. He said, “If you want to know what you can do, yeah, see if your local sheriff can get involved. See if you can wake up the GOP from its, you know, at least if not full scale slumber. At least its mid afternoon nap in which the GOP just moved so slowly. I mean, imagine if I were Michael Moore and I made this film in 2016, showing how Trump and the Trumpsters stole the election. Imagine how Democrats would react. Imagine how our elected democratic officials would react.”

D’Souza also criticized the Democrats for focusing so hard on the claims that Trump was working alongside the Russian government to steal the election while being so silent on the 2020 election.  “People like Schumer would be having an epileptic fit on the Senate. Pelosi would be like flinging aside her vodka bottle and raving and ranting on the House floor. So the Republican’s approach here is far too sluggish, far too lethargic. And we can all play a role using our influence and helping to wake this sleeping party up.”