SOUTHAVEN, MS – Former President Trump delivered a bit of a quip while also expressing genuine concerns over Biden following his bicycle tumble earlier in June, promising a crowd gathered at the American Freedom Tour in Southaven that he won’t make the same mistake as Biden.

Red Voice Media previously reported on Biden’s tumble that occurred near his Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware on the morning of June 18th, where the president tipped over while trying to dismount his bicycle when he stopped to engage a group of supporters along the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail.

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Biden for the most part was seemingly unfazed by the stumble, and was able to get back up on his feet relatively quickly to converse with the small group of supporters that had amassed.

News outlet Business Insider reported on the comments from Trump made on June 18th at the Landers Center, describing the “expressed sympathy for President Joe Biden after he fell off his bicycle” as “a rare moment of goodwill between the two political rivals.”

After delivering remarks critical of Biden’s efforts in the White House, Trump added, “I hope he has recovered, because as you know he fell off his bicycle today. No, I’m serious, I hope he’s okay. Fell off a bicycle.”

Of course, Trump seemingly couldn’t help but share a bit of humor regarding the Biden tumble incident, adding, “I make this pledge to you today: I will never, ever ride a bicycle.”

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After receiving some laughs from the crowd, Trump again reiterated that he hoped Biden is physically okay, stating, “But no, we do hope that Biden’s okay because that was a hard fall, that was scary. That was a hard. Did anybody see it? Well, we wish him well in that respect.”

In our previous coverage regarding Trump’s stop in Southaven for the American Freedom Tour, the former president also issued remarks calling for “critical election integrity reforms,” such as “same-day voting.”

“And finally, we must pass critical election integrity reforms, including universal voter ID, citizenship confirmation, no more fake drop boxes that can’t be policed, no private money pouring into local election offices, and ultimately, we want same-day voting. One day and only paper ballots.”

Trump received a resounding applause from the crowd when bringing up potential election reforms he’d like to see enacted, with the former president citing how France was able to accomplish the aforementioned reforms relatively easily.

“Hey, in France, what do they have, like 38 million people? France, a country, they just voted same-day, paper ballots, voter ID – they had no problem. Same-day.”

Using France’s efforts in bringing about election reforms as a springboard, Trump lambasted election-related practices ongoing in the United States – suggesting that said current practices stateside are a breeding ground for fraud.

“You know these things where you vote 38 days in advance, and they added voting before and after. Forget the legislatures, they don’t even ask the legislatures anymore, it’s so corrupt. But then they say, ‘The ballots are being stored.’

“What do you think is happening to those ballots being stored? ‘We have security standing,’ well then where the hell is security, they say, ‘Well he didn’t show up, he’s sick.’ And you see what’s going on, it’s a disgrace what’s happened, and this is what’s happened to our country.”

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