ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Former Atlantic City Police Officer Ron Lane, famously known as “Muggable Ron,” recently appeared on Jesse Watters’ show on Fox News to share his experience of having been mugged over 100 times during his career an as undercover officer in Atlantic City.

Watters cut right to the chase with Lane, asking what compelled him to voluntarily subject himself to being beaten and mugged time and time again during his work as an undercover officer. The retired Atlantic City Police officer explained that it all stemmed from when he was a young man and his mother had been beaten and mugged for a few dollars.

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“Well, many years ago, when I was young, my mom was a victim of a robbery. And she was robbed and beaten for just $7 that she had on her at the time. And they never caught them. They got away. And so that kind of stayed with me. And years later, when I joined the police department, I just had something inside of me that said, I gotta try to do something about that.

“And so I talked to a partner of mine into going along with it. He was young and crazy like I was, and I decided to hang out in areas where people got mugged. And I just put myself in the same position they were in. And then sooner or later, I started getting mugged.”

The Fox News host mentioned that these muggers operate almost as though it’s boiled down to “a real science,” asking Lane what regular people can do when faced with similar situations. Lane explained one of the easiest things people can do is to never travel alone, especially in unfamiliar areas.

“Well, the thing is, most robbers, all of them, actually are cowards. So, they’re just waiting for you to make a mistake. They have to be in control. So, you know, if you’re in the area you’re not familiar with or, you know, you’re on vacation somewhere, you should be with two or three people. Especially today, the way it is all over the country. You just don’t be alone. Because that’s what they’re waiting for, you to make a mistake. So, they’re in control, then you’ve got a problem.”

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Lane touched on that in the event someone is the victim of a robbery, therein lies the desire to try and fight back against one’s attacker – but cautioned that it might not be the best option in instances where one is outnumbered or facing a suspect toting a weapon.

“Well, you want to fight back. But there’s times where, you know, if you’re by yourself, and there’s a couple of guys, they got weapons, whatever it is, you know, you just you want to survive first. You know what I mean? And you’re not going to have a backup like I did.”

Considering Lane’s career of literally being mugged, Watters asked the retired officer what his career taught him about “human nature.” Unsurprisingly, Lane stated that he became generally distrusting of people – especially strangers on the street.

“Well, I don’t trust people anymore. You know, I stopped trusting people for a long time. But I think because of that, you know, I never initiated conversations when I was on the street. I just walked around like a normal person. And then robbers would pick up on me and follow me and then start kicking my butt. But you just can’t trust anybody anymore on the street.”

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