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Uvalde Police Failure: Incompetence Or Intentional? [VIDEO]

UVALDE, TX – Nearly two weeks after the horrific school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, there are still many more questions than there are answers available, at least to the public.

The Habibi Bros, Siraj and Jay, discussed the incident on their show, Habibi Power Hour, and the fact that it appears that law enforcement on scene were completely clueless on what actions to take that day, but given how many school shootings have occurred over the last several decades, it seems more likely that they purposefully didn’t act correctly.

But why?

“I’m not saying that this shooting was fake or that these kids didn’t die,” Siraj said. “There’s a lot of things that are really fucked up about this. What I do think happened was the FBI and the feds knew about this guy…and instead of doing something about it, I think they basically turned him loose…They had the opportunity to stop this guy, but they didn’t…[just like] the Parkland shooter, [who] they knew about and didn’t do anything. This one seems a little bit more…nefarious because of all the reports coming out, it sounds like…like at that point, are we dealing with incompetence, or is it almost intentional?”

This is the question that has been making its rounds on social media, especially given the fact that there had been active shooting training [1] just over two months prior to the incident, as well as the school district being paying for AI technology meant to detect potential threats to the school, certainly to include shootings. Not to mention the many changes [2] in information being released from day one.

It appears as though the school was set up to not only identify threats, but to react to those threats if they somehow made it past the AI detection. So why didn’t they react?

“I’m just saying,” Siraj conitnued. “Our law enforcement is mighty capable of being able to catch bad guys. They stopped ISIS [3] from assassinating George W. Bush. And that might be low-bar right there, but ISIS has carried out plenty of terrorist attacks far more scary and far more unnerving than what this alleged plot against George W. Bush was going to be. All I’m saying is that the way I’ve seen law enforcement over the last, like, 20 years…the stories I’m seeing coming out, I hope they’re wrong because what they’re telling me now is that they either had to be incredibly incompetent or the other likelihood…they intentionally did nothing.”

Jay pointed out that no gun proposed gun laws (i.e. background checks, red flag laws, etc.) would not have stopped this murderer from having obtained firearms. “You know what would have stopped him?” Jay continued. “Better security at the school. Not having an unlocked back door to allow [the shooter] to go in.”

“What the fuck happened…that made it possible for this shooter to go in and kill as many people as he did?” Siraj asked. “It’s not new to [law enforcement]. They’re well aware that there are protocols in place for when an active shooter comes into their campus. So what I want to know is, if they didn’t have security, why the fuck not? And if they did…there’s just more questions than answers, I don’t know what to say.”

“And another question,” Jay said, “is how can we send billions of dollars of aid, or like hundreds of millions of dollars to school safety for fucking shit like Covid that does nothing…that we can’t act when it comes to something like this. And you know why, because a lot of it doesn’t line the pockets of politicians. ”

“There are all these data points,” Siraj said, “and, just, something feels off.”

Watch the full episode below.