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‘Vaccine In The Brain. Period’ – Playing Russian Roulette – NHS Data Tells You All You Need To Know [VIDEOS]

While most Americans have moved past the COVID-19 pandemic and the drug that was supposedly meant to defeat the virus, numerous doctors continue to expose the entire agenda behind the jab and the side effects that aren’t being reported. The latest accusation to hit the COVID-19 narrative came from Dr. Richard Urso. 

For those who might not know who Dr. Urso is, according to his bio, “Dr. Urso is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and the North American Academy of Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery. He is also a member of the Harris County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, and the Texas Ophthalmic Association. Dr. Urso has also written numerous articles and abstracts relating to a variety of topics in the field of ophthalmology.”

As for his claims against the COVID-19 jab, in the video above, the doctor noted how the drug was reaching the brain. “I think it’s really easy to talk about in the United States primarily, we’ve had only lipid nanoparticle messenger RNA vaccine. That’s been the mainstay of the probably 98% of the people have gotten it. Probably 2% have gotten J&J. So we’re seeing the lipid nanoparticle platform come to fruition. I want to kind of talk mechanistically about that a little bit. I think it’s important that everybody recognizes that they kind of created this environment where the lipid nanoparticle platform messenger RNA platform is going to be the platform moving forward.”

The doctor added, “As a chemotherapeutic carrier, they’re really good at getting into the brain. So that data is well known to people who work with lipid nanoparticles, they’re really good at getting into the brain. In our case, it ended up in bone marrow, adrenals, ovaries, and other tissues where we didn’t want to carry chemo. So we ended up abandoning it. People are still working on it, trying to fine tune the delivery. But right now, there’s no way to create any kind of delivery package that’s controllable. So anytime you see lipid nanoparticle messenger RNA, anything, you know, you’re going to get a vaccine in the brain period.”

During the same interview, Dr. Urso presented data showing “92% of the deaths in England have been in the triple-vaccinated. 52 times higher risk in deaths in kids from 10 to 14, and the data’s pretty — thank God for the National Health Service data that’s actually been helpful. Our CDC has been a complete, fabricated bunch of lies.” Take a look. 

But as numerous doctors have come forward, warning about the COVID-19 drug, it is currently being reviewed to be used on infants as young as six months old. Just a few weeks ago, Pfizer claimed [1] that their COVID-19 drug was 80% effective in the six month to five years old group.