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Wave Of New Evidence DAMNS Fauci, CPS Survivor EXPOSES Rape And Pedophilia, J6 Committee LIES

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Thursday, June 30th, The Stew Peters Show has a BRAND NEW episode that is a call to action for Justice & Accountability!

Kajal Emmett tells her story about the horrific circumstances she was placed in as a child in CPS.

Thomas Renz joins to talk about how the media is covering up vaccine injuries and DEATH with other vaccines to forget everything they’ve done to us with COVID.

Derrick Evans is awaiting his injustice of becoming a POW to the Reptilian Luciferians, due to live-streaming the January 6th rally.

He joins to bring awareness to his, and the others who are suffering because of their PEACEFUL attendance of J6.

Misty Lucas joins to expose the DISGUSTING crimes that CPS workers do to children inside of foster care.

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Coming Soon – THESE LITTLE ONES : An Inside Look into the Dark Underbelly of Human Trafficking [3]